Microsoft Targeting Education Market with Surface RT Giveaways, Discounts



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RT? No thanks. If I recall, there's a Lenovo non-RT tablet a 100$ more expensive.




Apple did something similar back in the 80's with the Apple II series of computers.



and a generation grew up with Turtle and Oregon Trail as a result.

Then Apple conceded the general education "marketplace" to Microsoft...



They not only subsidized computer purchases, but also gave well paying jobs to those in the education industry that helped them penetrate entire state markets.



We have a couple dozen Android/Apple tablets we offer to our staff. They were all pretty excited when we first got them - look how SHINY they are!

Two weeks later, when we check in to see what they think, how they're using them ... nobody likes them. From a work perspective, they're useless.

We ordered a few Surface RT machines to evaluate as a work-related tablet, and thus far the folks using them are very impressed at the ability to work in a familiar environment. After a couple of months of testing, we're on the verge of ordering them en masse for staff use. We're already ordered a dozen Surface Pros for checkout machines.

Now there are definite limitations, that will hopefully be addressed in the ARM based 8.1 update, and that will be the deciding factor on ordering them (VPN and AD integration) so we'll see ...

But they're far from the useless device (especially for the two month sale price for educational institutions) many "informed readers" make them out to be.



I guess MS marketing campaigns can't really overcome the market resistance to some of their products and features. I bet they have some internal numbers that show it is doing great like WIN 8 does. I just wonder if Xbone will be sold at deep discounts to students and teachers after the holiday season. Oh that is right they seem to have reversed their 24 hour re-validation requirement. Hopefully Balmer is learning that you can't force people to buy products with costs and features they do not want, but I doubt that will ever get through that thick ego of his.



People actually use these things? I don't think I've ever seen one out in the wild -- except on the fully-stocked store shelves.


Bullwinkle J Moose

“Microsoft’s mission in education is to help schools, students and educators realize their full potential.

with a gimped computoy?

If education were so important, why not teach the kids why gimped toys are so useless to their education?

Oh wait, I think I get it...

Give them gimped toys that have no future to teach the kids that they also have no future?

It's a perfectly valid teaching tool in that respect


Renegade Knight

Sounds a lot like the iPad.



Tax writeoffs.

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