Microsoft Takes Worry Out of Windows 7 With Downgrade Options



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Keith E. Whisman

Microsoft is trying to make everyone happy at it's own expense. I say that if you don't want Windows 7 that you should not purchase a license for Windows 7. If you buy a new computer and your only option is Windows 7 then don't buy that computer because that is the operating system that OEM decided to support with the computer you purchased. If there is a downgrade option on a computer that you want to purchase then purchase the computer with Win Vista or XP installed. 

I just can't justify companies that have very tiny profit magins in this market to waste money because some hippy or yuppy is not completely happy with their purchase. It's a new OS. You will have to learn something new. Nobody has to kiss your ass. Live with it.

Just because some of you hate Microsoft and it's operating systems does not give you a right to prevent me from enjoying my Microsoft products. 



 You pretty much just about made my point for me so i dont have to go no a rant about it.  For that, I thank you. 


So like he said, if you don't like Microsoft the solution is simple: DONT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS.  And thats the only complaining you'll hear form me on the subject.


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Buy a new 2010 Honda and if you don't like it we will exchange it for a nice reliable 2007 Honda.



My current PC simply will NOT dual-boot on multiple drives. Haven't tried different partitions, but if I were to insall 7 (and I have a disc for the beta from a month or two ago), I would want to keep vista, as all my programs are set up and installed on it already, and I would only use 7 for some things, just to mess with it, basically.


So no, until I figure out my booting issues (I know how to , and have done it on a different PC), I will not be getting 7, no matter what options they give me to down (*cough*UP*cough*)-grade to.




That's Right. YOU GOT PoWNeD! (not)

Proud owner of a Sony NS laptop, Jailbroken Ipod Touch 2g.


The cake is a lie 


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