Microsoft Takes its Fight to the Apple Store



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I always wanted to try out the "aqua" OS. And recently I had the nightmare lasting for 2 years (be careful what you wish for!!). I registered for a diploma course at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology; and guess what!? we used MAC 99% of the time, the only relieve I had was the PC lab for 3D Studio MAX.

The whole OS was buggy and crashed like hell when using Adobe design software.
You click on a maximize and it brings the screen up to about 75% IT IS A MAXIMIZE for god sake!
and after opening few windows, your whole desktop is cluttered.
And god forbids if you moved a window to the top or the edge of the screen! that's it, you lost it, no way to grab it back...AHHHH

And what is with the stupid mouse! first its the one button mouse DUH! my IBM PS2 50z had a 2 button mouse, and that was back 1994!

Oh but wait! they improved it, they brought the "nipple" mouse.

It sucks big time especially when browsing, because more than likely instead of scrolling down you would scroll it side ways, and you are jumped back and forward between pages !!

Bottom line, MAC is for people that do not want to know about their OS or are afraid of it. They are not "geeks" like us PC users. We dive into regedit, open system files with notepad just to edit a line or two... customize the hell out of our OS to have better experience the way WE want.



Microsoft is now the holder of the title for...."The Worlds' oldest profession"  Guess that makes Ballmer a....p*mp?


Keith E. Whisman

I'm sorry I just don't get it.. I'm trying to understand your statement but I can't MS is actually doing something awsome here. Perhaps your humor like mine is sometimes not immediately evident and if so then I salute you sir.



I dont know how to state this better (and as im typing this an Im a PC commercial is on), I hate Mac. I hate the OS, IPods, Iphones, Itunes, and Quicktime.


Keith E. Whisman

What really irritates me about Macintosh/Apple is that Mac OS only works on Mac computers that you buy from Apple/Mac. I can build my own computer and install Windows or Linux or both and be happy with it. I can buy a computer from a company other than Microsoft that has Windows installed on it. You can't buy an Apple computer without Mac OS and you can't install Mac OS on anything other than a Mac computer. Comparing Mac to Microsoft is like trying to compare apples to oranges. Just doesn't make any sense. Microsoft is not in the buisness of selling Windows PC's while Apple is in the buisness of selling Mac PC's. So really Microsoft is not really in competition with Apple from this point of view. Two seperate markets. So why does Apple attack Microsoft so vigilantly then? Kinda sounds retarded.

So Apple is a retarded company. More so than Peter Griffin. In fact this is the kind of thing Peter Griffin would do. Perhaps Apple will attack a spaghetti company next.



I would so laugh my ass off if apple fans start whining because they know that their Macs can't stand up to PCs.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey I've got one of those Apple decals that came with my Ipod Classic. What should I do with it? Torch it? Throw darts at it? Poop on it? Wipe with it?


BTW I'm so glad to see this I hope that they do this here in the US as well. Screw Apple.


I wouldn't hate them so much if they would just release Mac OS to the wild to compete with other OSes on the PC but they wont. They are so afraid to being cheated it's not funny and yet everyone treats MS as if they are evil look at Apple.

Most Mac owners also own PC's.. Every Mac owner that I've known also has a PC. The stated reason for having both is usually school requirements or work. 



I hate the Apple is great Vista sucks ads. I have been using Windows Vista ultimate 64 bit since it hit the stores and have not had anything go wrong. Well the only issue i have is that i can't see the control bar on apples quicktime palyer it's just blacked out, A very minor thing, i heard it has more to do with 64 bit. I think once you try Vista and tweak it to your liking you'll love it. I know i do.




I think that we, as PC users (and MPC readers) should ban together, to create some Pro-PC ads. Whether they are text/image based, or actual videos. Heck, even one of those Mastercard spoof commercials "Being able to customize your PC the way you want easily, priceless. There are some things money can't buy. Mac's are almost one of them" or something like that.

At one point, I was tempted to get a mac, however their commercials really turned me off of Apple products altogether. At no point, do I want to be associated with "those people"  ("those people" being mac users).

-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-


Perplexing Man

Albeit i have never owned a Mac and have only messed with one briefly but I for one am glad microsoft is standing up for themselves. I think they should do an ad campaign with those of us who build PC's and simply state "Mac $1200-$2200 with a cool OS or PC with (depending on windows) more than functional OS $1200-$2200 which we can build to blow away ANYTHING Mac has to offer" you decide! Call me crazy but i'll stick with PC because I will always build a superior system for the price of their systems and for the kicker I have and will always have plenty of room for upgradability.



Funny, but not quite as funny as a Budweiser billboard located right across the street from a Miller brewing plant. You can see this on the 210 freeway just outside of Pasadena, CA.


Even the smallest breeze can cause big things to turn!



"So are Mac users whining again?"


When AREN'T Mac users Whining?



I think that's hilarious!



Mac whiners can complain all they want.  Its called competition, MS just took it to there front door litterally



Seems a little bit hypocritical that anybody associated with Mac would take umbrage at Microsoft for targeting them after their ad campaign. There are some things I really like about Macs, like OS10. However, the single worst thing about Macs is Mac users. What a bunch of conceited, whiny, w*****s!



Microsoft has.

You have to admit that this is quite possibly the most epic thing ever. 

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