Microsoft Takes Issue with Apple's Proposed 'App Store' Trademark



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It doesn't matter who is fighting fighting apple. What matters is whether it should get a trademark. Supporting an argument against this by using examples like Microsoft office and internet explorer are ridiculous. Is Microsoft's program an actual office? No, it is business software. If they tried to trademark the term Business Software that would be different. They also didn't trademark "Web Browser." They trade marked "Internet Explorer"

This is the equivalent of someone trying to trademark the term "Super Market," "Convenient Store," or "Auto Dealership." Its more of apples ridiculous garbage to try and strong arm the rest of the world out of their business in any way shape or form. As soon as they got this trademark they would turn their guns on anyone who even thinks about mentioning the word app, just like they do with anyone attempting to use the word "pod."



Should we look at who is crying foul or what they are crying foul about?

Unlike copyrights which rarely get lost because of non-protection, trademarks can. Apple didn't protect or try to protect "their" name. Had they I might be more on their side. I don't know who came up with it, nor do I care.

Would I let someone trademark "Application Store?"  No way, so I am hesitant to let them shorten it to "App Store" because I used the term app long before the first iPhone was on the market.

Office and Windows are questionable because they are only one word, and one of them (office) is not very far from describing the product, office applications. While windows is a term at least now used to describe boxes within an OS.

Internet Explore is by far better, while it does only describe what the product does, it is a bit creative, and we don't call them internet explorers or internet explorer applications, or internet anything, we call them web browsers.



Oh, give me a break!

"App Store" really has no origin, although Apple uses it most often. It's thrown around loosely. App Store is generic, and not creative and original, such as "Garage Band" or "Bing".

Microsoft is right this time and gets this one.



This coming from the company that patented WORD and OFFICE and INTERNET EXPLORER???

Agree...Apple got this whole App thing going so let them have it. Just come up with your own fancy Office Applications



M$ needs to look long and hard in the mirror before they start crying foul. Good examples, Word and IE.
Lots of Technology crybabies nowadays.



Dude, no one uses M$ to describe Microsoft anymore...



In all fairness apple did start the whole ''App'' verbage. Microsoft was calling there stuff Marketplace so let them have it.
Don't be mad that they came up with a biz model that caught on.
I mean cmon people.



I agree it's ridiculous to try and trade mark something so generic. If it goes through what will everyone else call their "app store"? Program store? Application store? What if those become trade marks? It just becomes too crazy. The whole trademark/patent/company lawsuit scene is insane these days.



It could even be applied to steam since its a app store.



Direct2Drive, Adobe App Store, literally ANY online retail where you can purchase a digital copy of software could be considered an App Store.

I hope that Apple's request is rejected (Just like Microsoft's request to trademark or patint or w/e the name Windows was rejected because it is a generic term)



That picture is golden!



aggreed. total hillarity

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