Microsoft System Would Monitor Workplace Employees For Bad Behavior, Assign Positivity Ratings



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I do a good job at my job. Quite consistantly at that. But I am no means a "model employee" by the handbook terms. The reason why I do a good job is because I can tell or e-mail someone I trust to let them know what an asshole someone else is. It is called venting and it works. If my e-mails are monitored by a computer to look for the words "fuck tard" all the time, then my productivity will go down. I will have no way to vent and therefore have to bottle up my frustrations until it all comes out with application to the postal service. So, maybe letting me call someone a "fuck tard" behind their back is a better idea. Just because you make some act the way you want, doesn't mean the end result will be better. We are people and not machines.



I'm sorry dave but I can't alow you to say/do/look like that



The Federation president in ST:VI said it best. "Just because we can do something does not mean we should do that something". Or something like that.

Or Rush in the song Natural Science: "Science like nature must also be tamed. With a view towards it's preservation".

I wil get off the soap box now.





heaven or hell it's your choice - google it - it say's how it is - how it was and most importantly - where we will all end up if we are not careful - no it has nothing to do with religion. It is about the future of tech and the human race etc, endorsed by the top hacker and A.I. scientist in the world and others, plus it is totally free.



1984 came a bit late to us . thought crime next on the agenda.



The 80's Group, Devo should make a comeback in 25 years.  Their song, "Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA" would make an appropriate New National Anthem for America in light of the direction our country is headed:



You do realize they just released a new album don't you? So they might!


Bad Kharma

People should check into the history of the French Revolution. The top 1%, lets call them the nobility, had everything and the people, lets call them the peasants, had nothing, no rights, no money, nothing. Eventually the peasants got fed up and since they outnumbered the nobility and had nothing to lose, they decided to take action. when everything was said and done, all the nobility were dead or had fled.

The first part sounds a lot like what is going on today. The second part could be inevitable unless the nobility stop screwing over the peasants and bring the overseas jobs back home and stops screwing the peasants over.




I think this is BS. This country is so divers, what one thing is acceptable to some its considered negative to others, so if you have a company with a diverse workforce, how could you determine whos really negative or not. Are you going to make everyone conform to what YOU think is acceptable? might as well make them convert to your religion too.

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