Microsoft Surface Tablet Sales Nothing to Brag About



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It's MS own fault for confusing everyone w/ an RT and then Pro version of it's tablet.

Seriously who wants a tablet (RT version) that doesn't run the same exact program that you install on your full fledged PC?

MS should have just come out with the single Pro version and been done w/ it.

I have Win 8 running on a Samsung XE700T1A and it's freakin' awesome. It's going to be what our company uses as a mobile tablet standard.

We evaluated the surface but the whole RT thing totally threw us off and soured our opinion. We ended up also testing the Pro version but in the end the Samsung won.

It's MS fault. More and more they seem to be losing touch.


Renegade Knight

Microsoft is spot on in it's windows 8 Strategy. They can improve the OS interface in several ways but for an OS 8 does what it needs to do. Now it's time to make it do it better.

The surface pro was a proof of concept more than anything. OEMs are NOT making hardware that does 8 justice. Unlike Vista (which was half backed and sucked) the nay sayers are out in full force spouting FUD. FUD doesn't change that 8 is where OS's need to go.

Even Ubuntu has seen the light and released a tablet version that actually works well.

So here is my handy playbook.
8. Needs polish to make the dual nature work better together.
Ubuntu. On the right track. Same as 8.
OS X. Needs to add touch to the interface.
iOS. Either needs to be the touch part of OSX or needs to grow up into a real OS on laptops etc.
Android. Needs to add the Desktop Side to it's skills. In other words Be the OS that Chrome is trying to be.



no one likes this flat ugly icon thing you got going on Microsoft, get it through your thick head. The surface RT suck, windows 8 metro sucks (desktop not bad with start shell) and your phone os sucks, The surface pro might be the best product but your extraordinary pricing sucks.

Another thing Windows 8 is not a vista, because I don't think vista sucked when is came out. The public was not ready to give up there current low power or older P4 computers just to run the new bloated microsoft OS in town, but if you had a decant core 2 duo or quad with 4 gb of ram you where golden, vista performed wonderfully. There isn't a slow hardware legacy issue with Win 8, people are just expect the windows ecosystem, not that stupid icon flat thing that is nothing more then a pain in the but unless your a child that has never known how to use a windows OS.

If you want to continue development on that new ecosystem split it off into its own tablet, phone, touch pc os and leave windows on its own.



How could you say MS is spot on with Win 8?

Everything about Win 8 so far has been a bust for MS because Win 8 is truly a half baked product.

The failure of Vista could be blamed on Third Party manufacturers not having their drivers ready causing system stability issues. I got a Vista machine very late in Vista's life and I found Vista to be pretty stable and I couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

But the failure of Win 8 so far is all on Microsoft.



Success with Surface like with Xbox? First part of the answer: Wait 7 years. Then judge. In part. That's how long it took for Microsoft to finally turn a profit with the Xbox and 360.
Beyond that, it's about seeing the errors and fixing them. Seeing what's up next, and implementing not only that, but the thing beyond it. These first Surface and Surface Pro models will probably end up being a semi-massive loss for Microsoft. But if they keep it up, and make things better and better, the Surface (even the RT) can be as big as the 360.
No guarantees. Nothing is a sure thing. Maybe the Surface doesn't improve. Maybe the OEMs get the picture of what Microsoft is trying to do, and in response they discontinue Surface, saying that its job is done. Or maybe it gets bigger and bigger.



I think Microsoft has lost a lot of touch with its consumers. Seriously I thought the Surface Pro would be awesome and a good competitor until they released the price. Why buy an RT tablet? I have a feeling that this decade is when Linux rises.



"I think Microsoft has lost a lot of touch with its consumers."

What do you think Vista was for? What do you think 8 is for? They are using those to find out what people will dislike and will make it better in 9.

Ever wondered why MS released so little numbers for the stores? Google are following the same strategy with pixel - this is just to point the direction where technology should go. They did not necessarily tried to race with the biggies, this was just a test drive. Although they don't admit it (because that would lower the sales).

I really don't understand those guys who feel forced to move to linux. No one is forcing you to accept W8. I mean, I can't say much about linux except that most of the business software is made for windows. The learning curve for linux is pretty steep but it is really a "powerful" (meaning it could be customized a lot) tool. There aren't many big games for linux too. Steam? They might monopolize Linux users and give them some shitty price later, i think.

I don't see the businesses moving entirely to Linux or MACOS.

I can't wait for W9


Paper Jam

If you don't like Win8 then you aren't gonna like Win9. This is more than an experiment. MS is implementing the same UI scheme on all their various platforms. That is Windows Phone, Xbox, Surface, and desktop. They haven't done this with any intentions on going back. MS also wants to cash in on software sales like Apple, Google, and Amazon have been doing. The closed market system has been embraced in the mobile space, so they intend on joining in. The next iteration of Windows will be even less traditional and even more Metro, whether people like it or not.



If the manufacturers got off their dead asses and actually made Win8 Pro machines...and kept the price down...they might see some good sales.

Nobody...including MS...cares if the Surface machines sell or not.

I want a Win8 Pro machine that won't break my bank.


Paper Jam

I don't think the OEM's can get the price of Pro down to where you want it. 8 is a full x86 OS. Processors powerful enough to run it smoothly can only be just so cheap, plus the added storage demands of such a large OS requires a large and expensive amount of SSD storage. Then lump on licensing fees for the OS and it just gets more and more expensive. If MS really wants to try to boost sales, dropping those fees might be a good start.


Paper Jam

Double Post.



Windows 8 should've been in development until it was perfect instead of releasing a half-baked OS onto the public.

The native photo viewer sucks because there aren't any thumbnails so it makes you scroll through long horizontal tiles which takes forever.

The native video app sucks because it tries to handle your desktop videos in a tablet environment.

And I found out at a bad time because I use my laptop for work that Win 8 doesn't have native DVD playback.

The main problem with Win 8 is that there are 2 environments that the user has to handle, the Metro UI and the Desktop. MS should've took more time to better integrate the two so the user doesn't need to keep track of how the desktop programs interact with the Metro UI.

Microsoft deserves these lackluster sales. It's like nobody at MS has the idea to buy an Apple product to size up the competition and see what they're dealing with.


Renegade Knight

Vista was half Baked. 8 has few if any bugs. It is entirely fair to question if 8 solves any problems or if the interface is a step forward.



MS should have gone after the diehard users that love everything MS such as the Win phone users. To think that the world would give up Win XP/7 or our android/apple devices was shear lunacy on MS's part. Not to mention wanting me to pay for a locked down ecosytem? Really? REALLY?



I've been a Windows die-hard since 3.0, but that's always been due to how MS has allowed me to use my PCs: desktop for heavy MS Office use (including Visio & Project), proprietary apps when at work, with several windows open at once, and occasional gaming at home. The PC platform has permitted me to easily tailor both the hardware and software to my needs cheaply, something not easily performed on a Mac.

Windows 8 has focused on tablets and social media to the detriment of the traditional desktop environment. I have no need, desire or intention to purchase a tablet. I would use a laptop, but never with a touchscreen. So why is MS so eager to alienate business users like myself in a vain attempt to attract a small share of the tablet market? Seems like a fools wager to alienate their core enterprise customers just for a small slice of the tablet market.


Paper Jam

There are still diehard users that love everything MS? Win7 and Xbox, sure, but WP7/8 not so much. That's the point of Win8; get people using that and hope they migrate to the mobile platform. MS has seen the writing in the wall, and it says there is a lot of money available in the mobile space and they are missing out.



Here's a strategy Microsoft.
Reduce the price to $300
release the tight hold of the marketplace for apps
Make the RT version of the OS available free like Android
Stop trying to make desktop OS look like tablets OS.
And most importantly...STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE APPLE!!



I just bought a Galaxy note 10.1 and the reason I went with android is the fact that it has better battery life and i cant think of any proprietary apps i would need to use that only work on windows. Another thing is i like the environment that samsung has created with the Galaxy s3 and the note 10.1 will make a good addition when they sync.



I'll definitely be looking forward to the Ballmer response/excuse as to why this thing is selling so poorly.



I doubt he'll admit to any mistakes on Microsoft's part. They've already blamed the hardware vendors. I could've told them long before Win8 was even released. I'm not much of an Apple fanboy, but if I wanted to buy a tablet, there's no question it'd be an iPad. M$ needs to stop trying to be Apple and concentrate on software that can be sold on both PC/Apple products. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.



"Microsoft needs to reexamine it's Surface RT/Pro strategy."

You should change "it's" to "its."

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