Microsoft Sued Over Zune “Buy from FM” Service



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Why is he not targetting Apple as well.  I read his patent and technically any MP3 Player or Phone like the Zune has the same functions he spoke of in the patent.  He thinks that MS is an easy target because they always get lawsuits.  What a moron.



 I agree, Apple needs to be naimed too!


And The Guild is a freaking awesome series (image)


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I'd have to agree..if one comes up with the idea behind a patent yet does nothing to produce the technology outlined in the patent, and just waits for someone else to do so then springs the " hey wait! That's my idea!" excuse, they need to be flogged with a wet towel.



Okay, so Yavitz has had the patent since before their was an ipod, yet he still has not produced any technology based on this patent?  If he hasn't invented anything yet, then...  wow, I'll go stand in Microsoft's corner and laugh at the patent troll now :P 

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