Microsoft Stores to Carry Maingear's Potenza Super Stock Gaming PC



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Looks an awful lot like the Silverstone Fortress FT03 case. Love the idea of the rotated MB mount. I wish more cases had that feature as I am stuck with my old Silverstone RV02B. I need USB 3.0...
It has some decent features but it is ridiculously overpriced.



Kudos to maingear to partner with Mircrosoft. I would imagine they will get more visibility to people unfamiliar with Maingear. I have researched the Potenza to no end in reviews, and how I would order from them. My own best route is to delete the optical drive and disconnect the led light from the Maingear front panel. This allows you to take off all 3 sides and see your computer and also even though it is very small. With all three sides off you can see everything. I even found a carrying case to take this on an airplane which you cant do with any other form factor check it out I did measurements and everything, Pelican 1510 Carry On Case. My plan was to use this behind my 30 inch dell and because of the small footprint it would be like a high power allinone using logitech wirelees keyboard and mouse. My dream has come crashing down though because I live in Colombia and my isp is so bad that I can barely play left 4 dead so much lag and around 400 or more ping. So until I leave Colombia wont be able to game but the Potenza to me is the best sff factor boutique option. Tiki great but too crammed in there and 500 bucs more with limited expansion and maintenance options(like a laptop everything has to go together exactly or wont fit) prodigy case wobbly and too big with the handles, Alienware x51 may be good with r2 version if they up graphics power, nope Potenza is the way to go right now


Peanut Fox

I've been looking at doing a Linux box with Li's PC-TU200B for when I travel. The dimensions between it and the Potenza are close. Also the Lian Li case has a nicer carry handle.

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