Microsoft Squashes 20-Year-Old 'Ping of Death' Bug



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Ahh yes, I remember this. If it's the same flaw I'm thinking about it was a good way to boot someone who had taken over an IRC channel off and regain control back in the day, especially as most users in the channels I visited were on dialup and I had a cable modem. I could nuke just about anyone, but they didn't have the bandwidth to nuke me back (and I had scripts to prevent such attacks in case they did)...

I miss IRC...



So... no vulnerability shall be patched before its time?

Wow... just wow.


I Jedi

This was the exception, not the standard. True, Microsoft often times can leave vulnerabilities unchecked for years, but their track record has been steadily improving, as time progresses onward.



Or they finally hired someone who was capable of writing a fix.

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