Microsoft to Sponsor Live-Action Family Guy Variety Show



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Microsoft is going willy-nilly scattering their image of their brand EVERYWHERE-

Apple's ads are winning, in part, because their ads make sense* and portray a contant image of their brand. Whenever microsoft decides to do some cross promotion that doesn't make any sense, they scatter the image of their brand. It doesn't matter how effective, how much buzz it will cause, or good the ad is if it muddles the image of microsoft.

I seriously think that the kids using the windows computers with ease was good because it contradicts the image of non ease of use that windows has. I also think that ads showing features of windows features were good- the current ads were a bit off because they showed the wrong features, but they're on the right track.

 Kids + ease of use + features + THEME DAMMIT = good ads

* Yes, they suck and are 90+% lies, but they are also understandable



A healthy "dose" of more money in Seth MacFarlane's pocket, kind of reminds of the time I was a grammer teacher at the state prison, insert funny Family guy flashback.


Dick Motorman

why wont family guy die?  This is so lame I may just switch over to mac... no, no, nevermind.



One question: why Family Guy?



I'm no business major, but I have taken a few business courses in my day.

A previous article on MaxPC said something about Microsoft pouring money into promotion without any tangible result. Part of the issue with building brand equity is portraying a consistent image for your brand.

Co-branding is an effective strategy for boosting the brand equity of your product, and it can be a symbiotic relationship for both parties involved. However, when Microsoft takes this promiscuous approach to branding, where their brand is tied to whatever other product or name comes their way, I think it hurts their brand's overall net worth.

Don't get me wrong however, I love Microsoft just as much as I love Family Guy (yeah, I like them both). But on a similar note, I love bacon just as much as I love ice-cream. Mixing the two however, would be disastrous. 




The show will air November 8 without commercial interruption.

Considering it's basically an infomercial, having commercials for other products would be redundant.



Well....I guess it's no stranger than Seinfeld and Gates.

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