Microsoft Spices Up Wireless Mobile 4000 Mice with Six New Designs



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I wonder if they have fixed the wheel issue with these.  When I bought my Asus Laptop, I baught two of those mice and an HP laptop for the wife.  Once I got GRAW 2 and Warhead installled I ran into a problem.  When I used the wheel to scroll thru my weapons, it wouldn't stop where I told it to.  There was no CLICK to the wheel when u turned it.  The wheel just spun really easy.  There was no resistance to the wheel I guess.  Cool part is I liked the recievers for those.  Little bitty things.  Still couldn't close the port covers on the Asus with it in tho.  Anyway I wound up taking my MS mouse back and exchanging it for whatever Logitech had on the shelf at the time.  Has I huge reciever that I hate but the wheel works like I expect it to.  Also the laser is IR i believe.  Invisible.


On a side note:  CAPTCHA sucks balls.  Spammers till get past it and it makes things harder on me.  Wow.  That sounds like every copyright scheme out there.  Fucks everyone but the bootleggers.  Hmmm.  Damn thing puts SYMBOLS up.  How do I type a symbol I can't even recognize?

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