Microsoft Snuffs Out the Zune, Tells Current Owners 'You Saw Nothing'



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I own both a Zune HD 32 Gb and an iPod Touch 64 Gb. What amazes me is that people (as below) still think they can hear some difference between the two in sound quality.

Microsoft can only blame themselves for not marketing it more aggressively. They didn't even try. It was never available in Euro markets either. I like the one I have, but I won't miss them when they are gone. As a music player only, I believe it is nearly the equal of an iPod Touch and a worthy alternative. For everything else (no camera, hardly any apps, sucky browser and keyboard) it sucks. And now it's gone. I'm surprised it even lasted this long.



I bought my Zune HD 32 GB from "Worst Buy" back in August.  I definitely didn't want to spend more than $200 on a media player so it was an obvious choice (I actually got it for the price of a refurbished one which was $170).  Plus, I have a passionate despise of Apple products so that factored into my decision.  I felt $50-$70 for the other media players that only had 4-8 GB weren't worth it.  Also, the one I bought was the absolute last one they had, or in other words, the display model.  I almost returned it until I basically charged it for a whole day and it finally worked.  Now I'm a happy camper as I don't mind having a cell phone in one hand while I have a Zune HD in my other.  Both those items combined still cost less than the iPod or iPhone itself.  I actually thought about trying to "mod" the Zune so it could run user-created apps, but then I read about the trouble you have to go through every time you boot up an app.  So now I'm attempting to enjoy Twitter and a few games to go along with my collection of music and movies.  Probably the only problem I have with it is that the Wi-Fi range is horrible.  I have to be literally on-campus at the college I go to in order to get a 1-unit connection (can't access the network from the parking lot).



I purchased the original Zune trying to be stand by my convictions. I absolutely hate itunes, so there was no way I was going to buy an ipod. Well, the Zune absolutely sucked. It had some very good redeeming qualities, but the battery life on that thing sucked. I'm not a constant user, so everytime I had to use it, the damn thing was dead, no matter what I did. I heard the Zune HD was a good device, but after being burned once, I refused to support Microsoft and bought an itouch. I still hate apple and their stupid itunes software, but at least the damn thing works when I need it. So good ridance to the ZUNE.

By the way, I recently dug out my old zune, plugged it in and it doesn't work. The thing only works on batteries, so microsoft designed the zune to be a throw away device from the very beginning.


Number Six

It's amazing to me that it lasted as long as it did.  I compared the sound quality of the Zune HD to my prior Samsung YPP2 and the mp3 player in my Garmin Nuvi GPS.  The Garmin Nuvi GPS had a much fuller sound than the craptacular audio processing of the Zune HD.  'Nuff said.



Holly Golightly

Man... What a let down. I am completely sad from what Microsoft just did. To be honest with you, there will be no MP3 player that even comes close to the quality hardware  as the Zune HD. I will have to think long and hard as to what I would replace my Zune with in the future though. What a shame though... Sigh...



MS has kinda sucked since Ballmer took over as CEO.



Kinda sucks. I was actually planing on getting an HDZune. My friend has one and it's awesome. Not using iTunes is already a plus for me. 



Considering Apple is rumored to axe the iPod Shuffle and classic (not sure about the Nano) from the lineup, one has to wonder if PMP devices are still relevant now that smarthphones are essentially PMPs with the ability to talk, text, and go on the web through a cellular network.

But yeah. Sadface. I love my ZuneHD. At least the software isn't as crappy as iTunes.



I'd much rather have two devices.  Music players don't need monthly payments to work like a cell phone does.  Work issued me a cell phone so the idea of buying my own cell phone seems silly.  I know this won't apply to everyone - I'm probably odd man out here - but you'd think there would be enough 'odd man out' situations to create enough of a market for stand alone media devices.



I'd rather carry two devices. This way I won't the battery down on my phone when listening to music during commutes or trips. Also, my stand alone players have better sound processors than what's available in phones.

The Zune HD was a nice device. Even without an EQ the Zune sounded better than my iPod Touch but still not as good as my Cowon D2. I was lucky to have bought my Zune HD for $100 and hope that it'll last for years to come (my D2 is 4+ years old).



In regards to consumer products, Microsoft is turning into a two trick pony: an OS/Office package, and a video game console.

You'd think with their piles of cash, resources, current customer base, and market access, they could make anything work, yet they can't.

Someone tell Balmer to get the F out of the company.  He is leading it nowhere.  MS is just blundering around, making it on name only.  Google and Apple are slowly beating Microsoft to death.  The boxing champ is about to fall down.



Of course it's dead.  It's a hardware product.  This time next year, the phone will probably be dead too.

Microsoft has a HORRIFIC track record with hardware.  If it doesn't make tons of money immediately, it gets axed and if you bought into it, well, sorry folks is the best they will do.

Never, ever, EVER invest in Microsoft hadware.  You will get orphaned.



I agree. I looked at a Windows Phone yesterday and I really like it but I am concerned that MS may not be commited to it and that in a year it would be cancled.

As for a single device for Music and Phone Etc there is some credability in not wanting to run down your battery listning to music although that is not a problem as you can change out to a fully charged battery UNLESS you have an iPhone. An iPhone would work for me except for the need to have iTunes and Bonjour service on my computers, something that I will never do again.



It's been almost 30 years, and MS still hasn't abandoned the mouse. They still make keyboards, too. Xbox is still doing fairly well, and I think they've been doing webcams longer than they've been doing Xbox. The Sidewinder version hasn't been available for years, but they still do headset/mic products.



Chalk one up as another Microsoft marketing failure of an awesome hardware device.



There are still oodles of people who have never even heard of Zune.

"What's that? An iPod?"

"No, it's a Zune."


"No. Zune. ZuneHD. It's a media player."

"Oh, it's an iPod."

"Sigh....yes. It's an iPod."



To be honest, a lot of people are brainwashed into thinking the iPod is the superior system so marketing wouldn't have helped, even though the Zune HD is just as easy to use and sounded better.



Microsoft finally makes a solid hardware device and axes it. While I know this was a long time coming, it's truly beyond words. 

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