Microsoft Slips Launch Details of Windows Phone 7



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 "The EU nailed Microsoft with a record breaking $1.4 billion for antitrust violations", sorry, but they hit Intel with the record breaking fine of $1.4 billion, homework helps.



I'm in total agreement, homework does help, and can be the difference between posting a thoughtful comment, and, well, posting the above. More to the point, the EU slapped Microsoft with a then-record breaking fine of 899 million euros (about USD$1.4 billion) in February 2008, a little over a year before the EU served up a similar fine on Intel.

Microsoft Appeals $1.4 Billion Fine by Europe - February, 2008
EU Fines Intel $1.4 Billion for Monopoly Abuse - May, 2009

-Paul Lilly



By the time it reaches the States all end users will be supporting Droid X, Iphone 4, and Black Berry Touch. Looks like MS is playing it smart in another market, the average U.S. user will be Neck deep in contracts for 14-18 months and won't want to play full price for a new phone. Wait!!! 18 months? is Moore's law applicable to the cellular devices and their plans? Of Corse it is, see you in 16 months Microsoft......



I wonder if MS will let the carriers fill up their phones with bloated crapware. I don't want to see 10 different AT&T apps on my Win 7 phone with no way to uninstall them. That crap is getting worse and worse!

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