Microsoft SkyDrive Is Officially No Longer Terrible



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I've actually been using Skydrive and Mesh for my Minecraft saves for quite some time now. Makes gaming between my laptop and home PC seamless. I also use it for pictures and docs that I like to have at my finger tips.



Works perfectly with Firefox Nightly 11 64-bit. However, you STILL can't upload folders. Also, it would really help if you could sync things to it from explorer. Well, at least it's a definite improvement. I've been using this for a while for backups - I stick my stuff in an encrypted 7-zip file and split it by 50MB (I think that's skydrive's limit, maybe it's 100MB), and upload all those bits to skydrive. Then, if I ever need to restore, I just download 7-zip again, download all those bits into the same folder, and extract. The new interface should make things a bit easier for me in general.



Do you use the live mesh at all?  I know you can sync folders from that to skydrive, so technically that would put folders up on skydrive although with limited control. (I don't know for sure as I use live mesh but not skydrive.



Live Mesh uses SkyDrive sync storage, which is a separate 5GB from the 25GB SkyDrive.  Yes, it's both annoying and confusing.

I used to have a tool that let me mount my skydrive right in Explorer.  I can't remember the name of it now and the only thing I found is a plugin for Total Commander, which I refuse to use.

UPDATE:  It's called Gladinet.  Not bad, but I think it causes delayed boot up.



I have been very pleased with it, great free host for pictures and files. Plus it works as a place to backup my music and stream it!

Great go between for college files.



I agree that it is much better, but to be honest, if I didn't have a WP7 I probably still wouldn't use it.  However, the integration with WP7 if awesome.



It's actually almost as good as now. Considering it was more useful on WP7 phones than on an actual computer it's about time they redesigned it.

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