Microsoft Skeptical of Firefox's 1 Billion Downloads Claim



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Let me put it this way...up until Firefox 3.5, I was on IE 6.0 I was a diehard IE user, and didn't see anything wrong with the browser. I had tried IE 7.0, and found it to be very slow just panning results in a Google search. IE 8.0 is much better.

My point is though that I have had years of IE usage and finally I switched both my computers at home to Firefox. Not just trial like with Google Chrome, but do or die, make it my default browser kind of move. And I am so happy with all the features and speed. Although the constant updates is annoying, so I shut that off.

I think others are soon to follow, and so the numbers maybe be askew, but they still make the statement that needs to be made about Firefox's market share.






I'm sure the IE8 team dearly wish it was so.

I am also quite sure Amy "Bazookas" Barzdukas is a secret Firefox user :)



I kinda like IE being on my computer but its kinda harsh on my computers Intel Celeron M 900MHz but still I can use it as long there isnt any otherprograms. And somethings weird on my netbook............................ it runs faster when i do Mulitple display mode Hmmmmm.



I'd use anything browser other than IE, except Safari. If I have to use IE (thankfully the computers at my school come with Firefox), so be it. If I have to use Safari, well, no thank you. 



Does it really matter whether Firefox's download numbers are accurate? IE is still a terrible browser. Perhaps MS should worry about making it up to standards instead of worrying about Firefox's download claims.



But they are exagerating big time on this.

IE is still top dog, larging because of enterprise. 





remember when mcdonalds  claimed on their arches that they had served 30 billion hamburgers!!!!!!!


how many kangaroos is that ?


ms has to protect their market share, there is money to be made



A software company claims something... their opposition is skeptical of the claim.  Something new that never happens in business.




I don't think that is right. This should only include unique downloads. ie to count after reinstall. And no updates. I would like to see the number of active users of firefox. That would be a better benchmark.



Good point, I ditched Firefox, and went back to Opera! Yet I have downloaded it hundreds of times myself, and have recommended to people.

 And does Camino count?



With my penchant for Linux distro-hopping, live CDs, and upgrades, I've probably downloaded it a couple hundred times myself.  One things certain, the objections raised by the MS spokesperson are pretty fatuous.



I put it on every computer I own, every computer at work, and I weasel other people into trying it so I don't have to fix their borked machines so often.  I just fixed a groovy touch screen HP because the owner put Itunes on it and it had a hissy with the Vista 64 security, and in the process of trying to make it work the girl downloaded some spammy sleazeware computer "fixing' software thanks to IE.  Oh well, Microsoft's failures equal cookies in my jar.



I think the number is right. After all if Microsoft did not put IE in the OS and made you download it they would probably have ten billion downloads.



The bigger concern for Microsoft is not the number of downloads, but the fact that, despite IE is in, by default, every single copy of the OS, people are choosing to take the time (and valuable computer resources) to install Firefox, Chrome, Opera, et al as an alternative. And this when access to the internet is often a significant reason many have a computer.

 IE continues to win in usage by virtue of ennui - 'Its already there, I'll use it" rather than features. By getting all whiney about other's marketing, it only underlines how much work is to be done on their own product.

 And while they're at it, they need to look at why, despite 'free' trials of Office on every new computer these days, people are opting to use other products - both at home and the office. Another case of a once-de facto product now playing second (or third or fourth) banana....



the number probably is right, but does it only include unique downloads? because i know that i've downloaded firefox quite a few times after various reformats and the like.


Doc Driza

These numbers are totaly legit no matter which way you look at it. If you want to look at the people that re-install OS's a lot and keep downlaoding FF then i can see where they get 1 bil. If you want to count every update, add-on, and everytime someone does a complete reinstall, that works took. If its the latter, then WTF does MS have to worry about there are a crap load of updates for IE,  (cuz it sucks) so they should be well over 1 bil downloads.



stupid microsoft wont admit defeat. their browsers just suck and they wont admit it. Even if those figures arnt real, does it matter? they should do something to improve IE



And I really needn't say more. Opera is a close second.



My family of 4 has 7 computers over 2 internet hookups (one at work.)  I have firefox on all of them and I've downloaded the new versions at least once on all of them.  1 billion is a pretty huge number, but I think comments by their competition aren't the most credible source to rely on.  Maybe these number are unrealistic, I'm not sure.



I think it's legit if it includes every upgrade... and it's a respectable figure- 

 Sure, there might only be 1.5 billion users on the internet- but I'm low end and on my own have 3 computers nevermind my portable USB sticks... x how many patches and upgrades? Yeah... I think it's interesting math too- that some dude from Microsoft would scrutinize someone ELSE'S numbers.

I think if you included all of microsoft's upgrades and patches you'd probably have a billion served between 10 computer users- 8 of whom would have likely already moved over to MAC or Linux.



Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.




Dude just come out and say it already; 'I'm a fan of FireFox.' No it isn't legit, since they are trying to make it look like people have downloaded the browser 1bil times, which is ridiculous. If we're going per downloaded stuff, such as updates and what not, then IE along with MS are at THE very top, your point? Oh thats right, you're probably an anti-MS zealot. Everything MS does is damn evil, isn't it? Perhaps you might want to try Those Apple fanboys there will welcome you with open arms, and spread out asscheeks.

I'm a Psychonaut traversing hyper-soace from the comforts of my own home - Consciouness.



What company wouldn't be upset that their program isn't the most popular?



Have you guys actually thought that 3rd party software for IE has something to do with slowing down IE? Sometimes I think that some free 3rd party IE apps were purposely made poorly....well you know the rest. When I disabled the Java addon I was amazed at the speed increase. hummmm, mabe someone is out to bring MS's market share down.


Ace of Spades

Microsoft is just jealous that IE and them are getting their asses handed to them by Mozilla in the web Browser competition. They're also jealous that they are losing the console war to Sony and Nintendo.



 Lets see, 1,000,000,000 firefox, 50,000,000 botnet computers, 3,000,000 folks who have been phished, 20,000,000 different PC viruses, and on and on. Who makes up these numbers? Symantec, Firefox, and anyone else who uses FUD to promote their products.

  DO NOT believe any of these BS numbers...



three words friend...

Marketing Research Firm



That doesn't mean the numbers are true.  Most market research firms are not federally funded so that means their interest is skewed towards whoever is footing the bill.

Common sense/logic tends to refute these numbers. 

I wouldn't have counted updates as valid since the browser is already installed so its not a new user.  And for this to be relevant in any way is that it counts the number of unique users.



You misunderstand the article then. It's not 1Billion USERS, it's 1 Billion DOWNLOADS. I can sit here all day and download FF as many times as i want. case in point.

Doing some quick math...

It takes me roughly 1 minute to download FF 3.5

24 hours = 1,440 minutes in a day.

So theoretically I could program a bot, to download FF 1,440 times a day thus adding 1440 to their total downloaded.



The claim that Mozilla has been downloaded 1 billion times is extremely plausible. How many updates has there been for Mozilla? Also, people like me do fresh installs of their OS frequently and consequently need to download Mozilla again. Microsoft just don't want to admit that IE is going to lose it's browser crown to Mozilla. Microsoft has failed me with Vista, Xbox 360 RROD, and IE. Whats the next flop?



Pretty much, except for the fact extreme casuals or technophobes tend to stay away from anything but IE.

Sadly, its been a year since ive converted to FF.





Those Numbers are as Reliable as any Microsoft has ever produced!




I've downloaded Firefox at least 100 times. I downloaded every new release for all of my PCs, virtual machines, friend's PCs, portable apps etc.



Yah, same here. The first thing I do after I install windows is download Firefox, and Ive done that A LOT of times.



"If you aren't cheating you aren't trying" just a little knowledge I picked up in college (apparently I failed grammar)



Card stacking is a propaganda technique that seeks to manipulate audience perception of an issue by
emphasizing one side and repressing another, for example by creating
media events that emphasize a certain view, by using one-sided
testimonial, or by making sure critics are not heard. Often used in
persuasive speeches.



Well lets see...1 Billion unique downloads from unique people on unique IP addresses..surely not

I know i have downloaded firefox everytime i build a computer (including my own) and i have lived in 3 states where I have had 9 different computers so that accounts for some of the downloads..I've probably downloaded firefox atleast 50-100 times for different reasons (updates, reinstall windows, pc build, etc) so if you take 10 million people downloading it atleast 100 times over the course of 5 years then thats your 1 Billion downloads

so theoretically they could have 1 Billion downloads..just probably not totally unique.


I Jedi

That's because the downloads are not based on unique IPs. Hell, 1 billion people? That's like the entire online community all over the world using Firefox. No, sir, Microsoft is right to claim that they are not unique.



Actually, Microsoft never said anything about the downloads being unique. They're simply stating that firefox was probably not downloaded that many times, not that it was probably not downloaded by 1 billion people



heck it's only 200 million downloads per year...thats feasible for software that people generally like using, and has gained popularity increasingly throughout it's 5 year existance, I can see how MS would say it was unbelieveable because it is...its a stageringly huge number..but i can believe it's existance.



I don't think the number is real. While I use firefox and so do all my computer cronies, most of the "lay" people I think are still using IE. Most of the people I work with are all using IE. I find most older folks are using IE. The older folks, most, don't have a clue to the difference. Most, don't know how to download and install. I'm not saying all older folks. Come on, ask yourself, what browser does your mother use?



 Answer: Firefox.





Stinky Fartface

I thinkMicrosoft's claims are likely but it doesn't really matter. It still sounds like sour grapes.

I am curious though. How did Firefox come to that number? Sounds like an opportunity for some investigative journalism.



I can easily believe that there have been one billion downloads, while I do not think that they have one billion users. I myself have probably downloaded over 50 firefox executables on various computers over time, and many other people probably do the same (how else would mom & dad browse with the speed and security of firefox?)



I could not agree more.  I know I have downloaded it well over 50 times.  I setup all the machines in my house, different jobs I have had, friends and family's machines, and on a bunch of virtual machines.  I would susspect I have downloaded well over 100 times.



I myself have probably downloaded roughly 50 firefox executables for various reasons (on clients/friends/family members pc's and my own reformats & installs).  I was thinking the exact same thing you were and when you look at it from this perspective it's very easy to believe.



I think microsoft is pissed off because firefox has gotten so many downloads



You could say it is no less valid than AMD's half of a billion claim, but then again none of us recieve new AMD cpus automatically.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



I think MS should just stfu. They just know that Firefox is better and want to find some way to say something bad about them. I dont care how many downloads there have been but the fact MS is jelous of Firefox.






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