Microsoft Signs Another Android Patent Deal



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Android is Google's Linux offering.
Microsoft has for years claimed that Linux infringes on many of its which are ridiculously false by the way (ask Microsoft about stealing Linux's IP stack to connect to the internet for instance).

Many of these companies cannot afford to go toe to toe with Microsoft, but the ones who have, won in court. (See Lindows vs Microsoft. Microsoft sued because the name Lindows could be confused with 'Windows'. The Court agreed that Microsoft did not hold a patent for the name WINDOWS. Microsoft then paid Lindows to change their name...which they did to Linspire. That company was ultimately run into the ground and sold to Xandros by its idiot owner Michael Robertson.)

I'm itching for someone to sue Microsoft to see what these patents they claim Linux infringes on. Because then Red Hat, Google, IBM, and other large vendors would gang together and OWN Microsoft in a major way.

Microsoft has been on this rampage for years forcing smaller companies to sign a 'non-sue' type of deal, and getting them to admit that Linux infringes upon Microsoft patents.
While it is a neat way to make some easy, free money, someone needs to call microsoft on their bs bluff.



I find it interesting that Microsoft isn't taking on Google directly with these patent lawsuits/agreements. You'd think if Microsoft had a legitamate case, the creator of the software would be the first to be targeted.



Microsoft learned the hard way, and that's why they don't go after Google.

They could spend millions of dollars on lawyers and spend years waiting for the lawsuit judgement to come...and what would they get at the end? Maybe an agreement with Google? Perhaps some dollars coming their way? Perhaps they might not even win, or they end up with a draw? Highly doubtful they could kill Android in court. Google would not only be left essentially unscathed, they would likely be in an even more powerful position than before, even if MS won everything they sued for.

And in the meantime, vendors everywhere would continue creating products that infringes on their patents, and making a lot of money doing so. Many of them are also partners with Microsoft.

MS doesn't want to lose partners, they don't want to lose Microsoft, so you give them an option: pay via a licensing agreement, and still be a partner. They get the best of both worlds, Microsoft gets money for their patents, and other manufacturers are put on notice: avoid Android, or be prepared to pay for something you THOUGHT you were getting for free.



Microsoft must be really proud of themselves, being the leading Smartphone OS in the early 2000, not updating a darn thing on there 6.0/5 OS, and now suing android with ridiculous patents, Heck that’s the only way Microsoft will make any money in the mobile market.  I think in the last year I've scene 2 phone 7 devices in the wild.   They really need to reform that pantet system in the US, this is now just getting silly, the people have spoken android is what most want.

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