Microsoft Shows Off Windows 7 Box Art



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it order for me to have dual languages I need Ultimate? 

I cannot even find an Arabic LIP file (free language) only MUI (needs ultimate/enterprise)

how lame is that?

MS, just have 1 tier of windows for non-enterprise.

The other tier is for enterprise and you can license them the way you like :/ what you are doing now is stupid 



Would Microsoft please stop trying to look glam? First of all they spend money on all of this and then they end up having to increase the retail price because of it. Then it is just a waste because nobody cares if you can slide that it down with a tab. 90 precent of the time users are not going to even touch the OS disc. Only a few reinstall often. Id prefer mine in just a DVD case hell even a jewel case if it will lower their overpriceiness.



I could care less what the box looks like big wupper i will just tear it open to get to the DVD. They need to get on the green wagon and use as little packaging as possible.

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Im gunna frame my box, you watch. im not going to throw it in the garbage, its going to get framed.

 okay, its a bloody box, microsoft is really good at giving you way more plastic then you'll ever need. i hope that this time it can be opened without having to go to microsofts website for instructions.



Gotta make anti-theft pretty somehow (a box bigger then the cd)!  They also have to include instructions and all the other paper work too for the noobs and what not.



I really dont care wtf the box looks like tell us what its gonna cost....

plus its always cheaper when you get it OEM in an envelope.

Why would you pay extra for a box with the M$ logo when the disk inside is the same??



Retail box's windows can be transfered once uninstalled from current PC, while OEM cannot(or atleast a hassle to do so).



I've un-installed/ re-installed my windows XP MCE 2005 probably 8 times, and only had to call to verify once.  Never any other problems.  I'd never buy the retail version.



The box art looks good, sort of simplifies how W7 performs. Fast & Simple!

Does anybody know how much Ultimate will cost? I still think Microsoft should give a rebat..I mean Refund after the first year of Vista's debacle.

 I plan on buying 2 Retail 64-Bit versions when it's released, I hope Microsoft doesn't mess up again.




I like the new box art, but what's up with the actual logo itself? It seems.. different, somehow. Like around the edges and the coloring in the center of the upper left square.



How it looks to me is that the logo is transparent, stamped into the case, so the coloring would be seen through it from behing, giving a natural "shading."



Simple looking! I like the boxes, looks like there are 3 versions of the OS too?



Yeah, according to a previous article there will be 6-7 versions-- itll be like Beginner, Basic, Home Premium, Buisiness, Enterprise, Pro, and Ultimate, as far as i can remember.

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there are a bagillion versions but these 3 are the ones that will be pushed in stores more (with the major push goin towards home premium and pro)

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