Microsoft Shoves IE9 Beta Online, Now Available for Download



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Not impressed by IE9 at all! In fact, I'd go as far to say that it's a worthless pile of junk. After a minute of use, all I could think of was "we waited all this time for... THIS?!" But I still gave it a shot for an hour and visited as many different websites as possible. Nothing stood out for any reason and I couldn't even think of a single reason why IE9 would be worth switching to from what I'm using already. I figured that IE9 might deliver something special, considering Firefox, Opera, and Chrome have all made massive leaps in functionality, third-party support, compatibility, and most importantly, performance, all in a relatively short period of time. 

With all the time Microsoft has had to build something above and beyond the competition, it seems to me like they completely forgot about creating a browser that brought something spectacular to the table. I might have been impressed if this browser was released 2 years ago. 

Just for comparison sake, since Microsoft is bragging about how fast IE is, I disabled every add-on for IE9 and compared it's cold-start time opening just ONE tab ( to be specific) and it was SLOWER than Opera and Chrome which were both opening 15 tabs from a cold-start! I couldn't believe that my regular browsers consistently opened 15 tabs faster than IE9 could open a single tab! Looks like I will continue to use my usual combination of Opera and Chrome.



That didn't work, but I tried another system restore, and that didn't seem to do anythiing either. Time for a virus scan.



Theres no chance in hell of me ever installing a nother IE on my computer again. Garbage shit can rot and fester on every one elses computers if they want to but i will NEVER go back to that stupidity of IE ever again


Keith E. Whisman

I did find a website that doesn't display properly in IE9. Goto and there is supposed to be a banner that runs horizontally across the top of the page with labels such as affiliates. That banner, along with all it's buttons aren't displayed properly at all. Labels completely missing and the banner is squished to the right side of the screen and it's completely unusable in IE9, all the other browsers and it works fine.



Yeah you're right it doesn't display correctly at But it does after doing the Compatibility View option at least.



I heard someone claim that the test for the last 5 points is either for "non-standard" or "Highy unlikely to be used/cared about" SVG rendering, in essence making a 95/100 a "perfect" score for web standards. And it didn't sound like this person was an IE fanboy.

Anyone want to poke at that claim?



I really like it.. I switched to Firefox years ago and currently use Firefox for work.  I use Google Chrome on my personal desktop as it's fast and light and does a good job.  However yesterday I installed the 64 bit version of IE9 beta and I'm really impressed with it's performance, haven't run into any issues yet.  I installed my Google Chrome bookmarks and visit all my regular sites and it displays more of the page then Google Chrome.  Also I like the ability to pin shortcuts on Windows 7's taskbar. 



well, ie nine has officially broken my internet explorer alltogether. wont open at all after force closing and hanging . two restarts later and now it wont even recodnise that im starting the app, no matter how i try to do it.



It's broken, just like IE7 beta when it was released for xp, and IE8 beta when it was released for vista.


Keith E. Whisman

I'd try system restore. If system restore is turned off because you thought yourself too good to use it, then uninstall it. You'll have to select to uninstall updates and just uninstall the beta. You can always reinstall it.

In Windows 7, click on the start menu then click on the control panel. Upper right hand corner there is a menu that says View By, click and select small icons. From the list of programs click on the Icon labeled Programs and Features. From the Programs and Features Window, in the upper left corner of the Window click on the Label that reads View Installed Updates, from the list, look for Internet Explorer 9 and click on it, A window will pop up asking if your sure you want to uninstall this update. Just click on yes and this is how you say good by to IE9 and any other updates you have installed.



I ran Acid3 in Opera 10.62 and got 100/100 -- that's a browser without any hardware acceleration.

Firefox 3.69 scored 94/100.



IE 9 has been working great for me so far. Lovin it!

I've tried to use Chrome and Firefox several times but always found myself coming across sites that wouldn't work correctly in them so I was always jumping back to IE. I only use internet explorer because of that, it works the best for the majority of websites I believe.


Keith E. Whisman

Okay, I went to and ran a test on the latest official releases of Chrome, Firefox, Lunascape, and the latest Beta build of IE9. Run in Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with MS security essentials installed and all of the latest drivers and updates installed. The scores are as follows:

Lunascape 6.3.0 scored 93/100

Firefox 3.6.9 scored 94/100

MS Internet Explorer 9 Beta 9.0.7930.16406 scored 95/100

Google Chrome 6.0.472.59 scored 100/100

I was really surprised with the scores and that is the reason why I bothered to post my results. If you don't believe me then run them yourself.




I got 100/100 on score for chrome too



How to tell if it's using the GPU to render items on pages or not? I loaded it up just now, and it is very fast! I guess that means it is working thru the GPU. But is there another way i can tell if it's working the gpu or not?



All the platform previews worked great for me, fast and everything. Now when I install the beta javascript pages don't work at all.

ACID3 wont load - screen freeze when I click/enter the URL

WIKI - renders all over the place

Online IRC - wont load - screen freeze when I click/enter the URL


Anyone know how to fix it? I would love to use the beta but obvously something has gone wrong for me :P


Fecal Face

Sticking with Lunascape here. I don't see a point in changing browsers, already got my addons working how I want, etc.

I got 100/100 on Acid3 with Lunascape too, so why would I switch



...susceptable to the .dll exploit?

TO: MaximumPC 

Here is a link to a .dll Hijack Auditor that does not need to be installed...just runfrom a folder...and it only will check one App at a time, and only while it's not running.

Could you guys and gals give this the once over and see what YOU think....I run almost NO Apps except FF and D2 LoD....and of the 3 main .dlls in the free Zonealarm firewall (older version) it found one of the .dlls exploited.  So please DL this Auditor and do w/e it is you do when you test Apps and let us know what the skinny is...this all came from a search I initiated the other day to learn how worried I should be about the .dll exploit in the MS advisory posted about two months ago.....and I'm glad I did.

I WAS running this version (80.065.000) of the free ZA simply because I liked it better than the newer versions.  So I have updated to the latest version and this Auditor says it's fine....but.... "I wanna know fer sure...."

Thanks in advance.


P.S.  These new Captcha's are going to destroy your readers spelling skills   :)




I actually like it quite a bit. I think it stll has to be refined a bit but I think that it will be a decent web browser that is used for more than grabbing Firefox or Chrome.



Eh, like I said on another, non-tech forum, I'm not impressed. It's buggy (scroll bar on the right is screwed up, displaying a gibberish slice of the webpage you're on, and setting up your "accelerators" and "extensions" is buggy and restrictive too) and it's nothing new or revolutionary. It's FINALLY got a download manager, a feature at least 4 years over-due, but otherwise, it clones features from the other browsers and brings nothing new to the table; the transparent top bar from firefox 4, the super-sleek interface from chrome... yawn. I'll stick with firefox myself, I haven't used IE as more than an emergency backup in at least 3 years, and I think it's going to stay that way.

Right now I run firefox as my main browser, and chrome handles my google-specific stuff (email, reader, and news) And gall durnit! I like it that way!



Dude its a BETA not the final product, its supposed to have issues when its in beta form.

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