Microsoft Sets IE9 Launch for March 14



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I've tried the IE9 release candidate and I still find chrome faster.

I love the sleek, streamline design though, the title bar above and taskbar below looks great together.

The pinning of sites can be somewhat useful I think, 'cause I preffer bookmarks. I really don't want piling all my stuff on the taskbar. I'm kinda minimalist.



I have had problems with both the beta and the recent prerelease of IE9. The browser has to close and reopen itself multiple times when I ask pages to refresh and when I open a group of tabs from my favorites. It's been frustrating enough that I am inclined to switch browsers, though I may hold off for the final release of IE9 next week.



 "anxious IE fans"


Wait what?



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March 14? Thats Pi Day!


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I downloaded it last week and had nothing but problems with it.... one major thing was I'd click on a link in a web page and it would take me to a random site in my favorites bar!  Maybe they should make sure it works right before releasing it......

I submitted the stuff it was doing but who knows?  I'm just one person.

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