Microsoft Seeks Console Gamers to Beta Test 2012 Xbox Live Update



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Just let Microsoft tell you what is important and relevant to you. All you need is an Xbox 360 in order to welcome them into your living room. Who needs cable or other services- hell even a girlfriend when you have an Xbox to keep you warm at night. Computer with a web browser? Nah just use Microsoft's portal. It's alot easier, just stop thinking so much about it.



"Serving as more proof that Microsoft isn't ready to put its Xbox 360 console out to pasture in favor of its unannounced but oft rumored Durango (Xbox 720) refresh, the Redmond software giant has put the call out for volunteers to test the next version of Xbox Live on the 360."

XBox Live is not just for the 360. It was originally on the original XBox. the new system comes out it will be on there as well. XBox Live will be on every XBox system.



Yes, but the upcoming update is concentrated on the Xbox 360 console and will, presumably, be launching not long after the beta. That and the fact that Microsoft has made it clear 2012 is all about the 360.

The rest is speculation, but Durango isn't likely to launch until around the end of 2013 during the holiday shopping season.



WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT XBOX?! 0% reliability, piss poor graphics, no surround sound output, LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNGG ASSSS LOAD TIMES, and in general a money hole for microsoft. As it is a business model based on unpredictable assets like "Intelectual property" (if much of the games/software/patents ect could be called such a thing) and selling at below cost is a GREAT way to end up in bankruptcy. than again, a poorly ventilated shitbox with shitty reliabilty cant be worth much in the first place. maybe at some point in the near future game devs will relise that consols are unviable- as consol games are resellable and just as easily pirated as pc games and either screw all gamers over with drm or just focus on pc games WITHOUT DRM. though everyone knows that its not ever going to happen. The fact is, due to the mass expectation WIN8 will fail and microsofts fictional business model, microsoft will hopefully not last long enough to bring out either the shitbox 720 or Win8.



walk away sony fanboy, and go back to your psn... if its online and not being hacked again.



Sony sucks too, custom built pc's are where its at!



Hmmm, pay $2000+ for a PC last year, a new game comes out and suddenly I need to shell out another $500 on a new video card and maybe even more memory to get the full experience or I can buy the new hot game that just came out for the 360 or PS3 knowing that when I pop the disk in, it will play the same way as my friend's down the road.

The point is I have guaranteed compatibility for the life of the machine which is going on 7 years now. Sounds like a good investment. I do agree that some developers need to stop cutting corners on the PC version and actually make it from the ground up instead of dumbing it down and porting it from the console, but don't blame the console or it's manufacturer, blame the developer.

As for piracy, come on, when was the last time you had to reflash the firmware of your DVD drive or PC to pirate a game? PC games are a HELL of alot easier to pirate. Simple EXE patch and a burned copy of the game and your set to go. As for the MS bashing, remember MS are the reason PC gaming is where it is today. From the days of DOS throughout every release of Windows, their flexible and forgiveable design has allowed developers to do whatever they wanted with the OS to make their game run as well as they have. All of a sudden you wanna bite that had that feeds you, go play Crysis 3 on a Mac or Linux, oh wait you can't.

We have to remember though, graphics don't make the game. Sure it's fun to sit and watch the newest advancements in running water or fogging effects, but at the end of the day it's a game, not a piece of art hanging in the Louvre.

I used to be a PC gamer and I got tired of throwing money at graphics.



I couldn't have said it better!



Jerjef, are you just trying to be argumentative or something? Because all of your assertions are argumentative at best. Really poor show man. Get you an old i3 with 8 gigs of DDR3 and a GTX 560 or w/e and $500 later you have a rig that will be relevant for at least a few years. You MUST have been consoling for a while because it comes off just a little out of touch.



oooooooohhhhhhhhh yoooooooouu poooooooooor thing, living in the 1990's still are we? 1000$ can get you a computer that will last for 15 years, and will out perform any consol through 5 years minimum. in reality apu's kick out as much performance as an shitbox or Piece of Shit 3. SHELLING OUT OVER 350$ FOR A GPU IS STUPID UNLESS YOU ARE USING MULTIPLE MONITERS OR MAKING A SUPERCOMPUTER. 200$ will max out most games at hd res. AND GAME DEVS DO NOT FEED ME, I FEED THEM MOTHERFUCKERS BUT ONLY IF THEIR WORK IS WORTH PAYING FOR, IF I DONT LIKE WHAT THEY COOK UP FOR ME, I COOK A PLATE OF HOT SHIT FOR THEM TO EAT.


1. Mouse and keyboard support.

Well, duh. Console kids who have grown up with a controller in hand might argue, but there's still no better way of playing just about any game in any genre – not just shooters – than the combination of keyboard and mouse. It just works, offering orders of magnitude more precision and speed than fiddly analogue sticks.

2. High screen resolutions.

While Microsoft and Sony scream about 'true HD' in their games – but in many cases don't actually deliver it – the PC has been happily running games at 1080p and above for yonks. In fact, the near-HD default res of 1,280x1,024 is very 2001; even a medium rig can handle 1,600x1,200 or more these days, even as high as 5760x2400 running eyefinity 6 if you want to fork over 500$ for a gpu.

3. Free mods

Were you a raw naif, you might be forgiven for thinking that LittleBigPlanet et al single-handedly invented the idea of (nnnggh) 'user generated content'. But guess what? PC gamers have been coding mods (modifications) such as add-ons, total conversions, unofficial levels and all manner of other gubbins for… well, pretty much forever. And then distributing it for free, for the sheer love of it.

4. Upgradeable hardware

With the aforementioned higher resolutions and textures, chances are a new PC game already looks better than its console counterpart right now. But even if you can't run it with all the visuals tweaked to the max, processor and graphic cards prices drop so quickly that it's hardly bank-breaking to refit your rig in a year or so, for better graphics and more speed.

5. Cheaper games

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's licensing and publishing costs inevitably drive up the cost of every single game released, and even pre-owned games tend to be far pricier than the PC equivalent.

6. You're not tied to one online service.

Imagine not having to rely on a single, central server such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network whenever you go online. Imagine not having to suffer downtimes, silly licensing agreements, or daft console-restricting DRM. Oh wait… that's the PC online, isn't it?

7. No extra dosh needed for playing online.

Okay, this only applies to Xbox Live, but who's to say that Sony might not start charging for PSN as it keeps haemorrhaging money? And yes, Xboxers can use the free Silver service, but really – why would you?

8. Unlimited storage space.

The Xbox 360 is limited to whatever can fit on a DVD (or, if you're unlucky, more than one). The PlayStation 3 has to struggle with turgid Blu-ray access and enforced installs. PC games, meanwhile, just sit happily on the potentially unlimited storage space of your hard drive. Easy.

9. Save game hacking.

Like modders, PC gamers are rabidly enthusiastic about pulling apart save games and data files, fiddling therein, and finding ingenious ways to cheat or fix corrupted files. Try doing that with your Wii.

10. Unofficial fixes for older games.

PC games such as Vampire: The Masquerade often get unofficial, free, support long after publishers have gone kaput and official support is abandoned, thanks to the tireless efforts of their fans. Bug fixes, enhancements, new hardware support – it's all there.

11. Abandonware

The geek term for 'old games which you can't buy any more'. There are a huge number of classic PC titles out there from years gone by, and many thousands are available to download, legally, for free.

12. No red ring of death.

Well, you only get this on the Xbox, of course, but the last thing you want your gaming machine to do is to completely konk out. At least when a PC goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Like, with fire and everything (possibly).

13. Linux is getting steam.




JDUBZ, if you live anywhere near Michigan, you and I should have a beer sometime. I can't say I agree with everything, but I admire your conviction and bold way that you stated it. There's just too many pussies floating around the internet just waiting to get butt-hurt at the slightest offense.

+1 my friend.



When did you become editor of MPC? Stop being an ALL-CAPS TROLL, kid.

Nobody has to "get off Maximum PC" if they don't game on a PC or (spastically) feel exactly the way you do.



To tekknyne: I did intentionally exaggerate a bit to make a point that when it comes to PC gaming there's always the risk of further investment needed to play the newest game. I have a laptop that cost me $1200 2 years ago that can't play COD4. WTF? A 2 year old laptop can't play a 5 year old game? You know what can play it though, my 7 year old 360 that certainly did NOT cost me $1200.

Also you say I can pick up an "old" i3 rig with 8 GB of RAM and I'm set to go for a few years. Well considering that the i3's only came out 2 years ago, I guess I can understand the mentality of the hardcore PC gamer. Besides, if I was starting fresh and putting together something along the lines of what you spec'd out for me, would probably run me around $850 and tax, I'm in Canada mind you, whereas I bought my 360 for about $500 and tax 7 years ago. Point still not made to me.

As for DR_JDUBZ, you need to chill out dude and lower the aggression level a bit. Is poor baby upset because he paid so much for this PC when all the developers are just porting his favourite games from the console?

I'll break this one down.:

1. When you get used to it, mouse and keyboard is quite good for gaming, especially FPS's and RTS's and maybe certain RPG's, but that's it. Fighting games will still require a controller and action games tend to be better with a controller as well. How about flying games? Why do you think they manufacture controllers for PC? Besides the first console was released in 1972, when was the first home PC game I wonder? Maybe it was PC that complicated the gaming industry.

2. This goes back to my previous statement that graphics does not make the game. If it looks good on my hi-def TV I don't give a monkey's hump. Stop being a pretentious elitest.

3. Mind you I do love the modding community so I can't say much here, but I do not recall even bringing this topic up.

4. I fail to see how this helps your case. You're saying it's a good thing that you have the option to pay more money to make your game run smoother? If it already runs great on my console, then why would I envy you?

5. If the PC games are cheaper than the console equivalent than why are you complaining, let me worry about that. Then again all the money I saved by not buying a gaming PC helps lessen the blow.

6. and 7. I'll combine these 2 together. I'll agree that I don't like having to pay for Xbox Live and the free PSN sucks balls quality speaking, but having more than one online service is not necessarily a good thing. If I want to play World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 without that damn RMAH I'm looking at a combined $25/month just to play 2 games online or I could pay $50/year to play ALL of my 360 games online.

8. PC games are bound by the same storage limitations as their console counterparts. The 360 uses a DL DVD, which is the same as PC games. Difference being you don't need to install every 360 game unlike the PC, but you do have that option. Yes the PS3's decision to use Blu-ray as their media of choice was silly and it did force MOST of their games to require an install, but how is that any different than the PC? Besides, the 360 comes in alot of different hard drive sizes up to and including 320 GB.

9. Save game hacking? Where's the fun in that? Why even bother playing the game?

10. Bug fixes are an issue with all games, PC and console and the manufacturers of the game generally fix all the problems within the first few months of release. Publicly written fixes are fine if they fix problems the manufacturer didn't fix, and never plan to, but then again you always run the risk of stability issues as they are not officially tested and approved by the manufacturer. Same goes for enhancements. As for additional hardware support, well the console's hardware never changes.

11. This one I actually agree with. It upsets me to no limit how much the consoles ask to download old games. This is 1 for the PC column. Then again I do have an old tower that will play these old games anyway so it's not costing me anything extra.

12. The Red Ring of Death was by far the worst example of hardware manufacturing and corner cutting and it has left a black eye on Xbox that will likely never leave, but MS repaired or replaced all for free, none of the slim models do this, the PS3 and Wii are not like this, and wide-spread PC defects are not unheard of either. It just doesn't get broadcasted to the masses. I've worked in PC support for many years I have seen cases of PC's having massive warranty and recall jobs for defective motherboards, hard drives, video cards, etc. I can remember one manufacturer that put out a line of desktops that had a capacitor defect that was causing every single motherboard to die in a short time. I must've replaced hundreds myself.

13. You're right, Linux is getting Steam, and I am a Linux fan, but driver support is a tricky thing with Linux so your kick ass graphics card, may not be fully supported, and for the general public, Linux is not user-friendly enough. Also Steam on Linux is not out yet so we don't know how good it's going to be and even how many games will be supported.

And despite your objections, I think I will continue to read Maximum PC because it's not just PC gaming, it's technology as a whole. The people at Maximum PC realized that there's more to the world of technology than alienware and adapted, maybe you should realize this to.



Actually, I get the feeling that they're trying to add more and more media to the xbox OS so that they can then use the exact same OS on their new console and have all of these features. Not to mention, they're continually making it more Kinnect ready.



The link provided says it requires an invitation.

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