Microsoft Scoops Up Skype for $8.5 Billion in Cash



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Never seen such nerveless writer. I register it all the way to the end. Stay them reaching.






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Skype has sucked from the day I downloaded it (2 years ago ish). I had to get it for work.


It constantly crashes on me, messages from 3 months ago randomly pop up again like they are new and atleast 50% of the time it shows a contact as offline when they arn't.


I don't know why MS would want skype - it sucks.


WLM has been running solid for me for the past 3-4 years.



I've been using Skype for video and voice chats for over 3 years and it's always as solid as a rock for me.  Even when I'm talking to 5 or more people scattered across the world.




I wonder what will become of these clients. Part of what made the service so popular is that you could use it on anything.



thankyou M$ for ruining another app.  I got to go find another VOIP app that will work on linux like skype that currently works.  I wounder how much skype usage will drop with M$ buying it.


Peanut Fox

Or you know, it could pick up.  Just sayin'.



I was hoping that they'd at least update the Linux version. Doesn't look like that's going to happen. Ever.



I'd like to see improvements to the Linux version, too.

@MPC: That Ballmer pic is getting old.



They showed that Skype will be coming out for the Windows Phone 7 "mango update" at MIX11 this year but there wasn't any rumors of them actually buying the company.

So, there you go, Alan Fackler will definitely be able to use Skype on his phone now.

I guess Andy and George will too (at least  think George has one).



I usually don't mind Microsoft, but the latest version of Live Messenger crashes all the time, lags, and gives you no option to change your display name and many other things.  

I used to use it all the time but got fed up and switched to Skype as my primary messenger...and now Microsoft has bought it.  I can see them pushing their crappy Live changes to it now.



Funny. Wonder if this is why Skype updated itself and then promptly crashed...



I've never used Skype and this news ensures that I never will.



I wander if Microsoft is going to intergrate Skype and Live Messenger or keep them seperated.

If they do, a lot of companies will have to check their firewall settings as most block Live Messenger but very few block Skype as it get thru almost any proxy and firewall to get out to the web.

Also, will Microsoft change the subscription fees of Skype or keep everything the same and just play with the name and the licensing of the software.

Time will tell.



My guess is that Ballmer buys Skype so it won't fall into Google's hands - they don't like each other. 

Somebody made a good profit here; maybe $7B?

Skype was created by two blokes in Denmark/Sweden, and sold to Ebay for ca $2.5B. Ebay lost ca $1.5B and sold it off the the Netscape-guy and some other companies, which in turn sells it to Microsoft for $8.5B. The consortium that Microsoft is buying it from must only have owned Skype for 2-3 years, I think, so a $7B profit during a 1000 days of ownership proves to be a good hourly pay.

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