Microsoft Rolls Out New Mouse and Keyboard Products for Windows 8



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Honestly? In a few years every mouse and/or keyboard should have some sort of touchpad in them. Best of both worlds. I'd never want to give up my mouse, but there sure are some times I wish I had a touchpad.



the important message here being "you'll need new hardware to work with windows 8, because the keyboards and mice you have used for the last 15 years won't do it."



I think it's more of a "the keyboards and mice you used for the past 15 years are becoming as antiquated as stone tablets. If you're not ready for the transition to touch interfaces or still need a KB/mouse for productivity, here are some peripherals that will help you get those most out of the new OS without ditching your mice and keyboards just quite yet."



I just assumed these peripherals were for those who don't have touch-screen PCs and aren't going to replace their PCs just to have touch-screen functionality. If that's the case, then these peripherals are a smart idea.



Great, so the terrible mighty mouse concept finally made it to the PC. I don't know about you guys, but I don't like having to physically lift my figure off of the mouse to right click (otherwise it just counts as left clicking) and I don't like the mono-button idea that should have died back with the original Macs.

Windows need a management restructure.



We're in agreement that the Mighty Mouse and the followup Magic Mouse are junk. Apple peripherals in general are some of the worst around in my opinion -- often greatly sacrificing function for quirky gimmicks and fancy aesthetics. That being said, these MS mice actually have split buttons so you don't need to lift any fingers to get a proper right click.

I'm a fan of Logitech mice and Microsoft keyboards and I have yet to find a touch mouse from Apple, Logitech, Microsoft or anyone that I like. Increasing the number of gestures my carpal-tunnel-syndrome-plagued fingers need to perform seems like the wrong direction to me.



I don't think the Magic Mouse is junk. It can be set up for a right click button. Before I switched back to a PC gaming rig, I was using my iMac (which is my wife's) and I thought the Magic Mouse works amazingly well and always wanted one with my Macbook Pro. If you actually spend more than 5 minutes with it and open your fanboy eyes, you wouldn't call it junk. But I don't expect a Mac hater to try any type of Apple product without already approaching it negatively. However, it is not a good mouse for games. Tried playing Team Fortress 2 with it on the Mac and it was horrendous. But as a simple desktop mouse, it is one of the best I've used.



I like them too.

My only personal complaint is I wish it had a bit more of an arch to it.



I thought the same thing as the other posters, Win 8=Touch, why do I need a mouse?



Because not all programs can utilize the touch screen, such as games. The fatigue can also be pretty bad if you're using a computer for hours at a time.

Touch screens for desktops are just not practical. The constant moving between the keyboard and the screen just doesn't make sense when the mouse is right there.



Wasn't Windows 8 supposed to be all about touching the screen up? Another example of how MS can't go all in with an idea.



Our windows 8 will work on a touchscreen enabled device so well that you're going to need this mouse! ಠ_ಠ



+1 for the artwork



+1 here too, let alone Paul's line that made me chuckle, "Switching gears to rodents...."

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