Microsoft Rolling Out Hotfix for Embarrassing Skype IM Bug



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Bullwinkle J Moose

I told you almost a year ago that Microsoft only bought Skype for their Global Spyware Operations

But I wear a tinfoil Hat huh?
Diddn't take my meds huh?
Don't know what I'm talking about huh?
Don't have any evidence even after I show you the evidence huh?

Your propaganda isn't working anymore
People are waking up



Funny that you posted that link because it has since been updated and explains that it was a false rumor. Skype calls are still P2P, supernodes are only used to make the initial connection. The only change was the ability to create dedicated supernodes.


Bullwinkle J Moose


The article was not updated to explain that it was a false rumor

The article was updated with a response from Mark Gillett, Skype’s Corporate VP of Product Engineering & Operations "who would never lie for Microsoft" (note sarcasm) even though they have repeatedly and consistently lied in the past regarding their ability and practice of monitoring communications for the Gov't

Lying is authorized and common practice by Microsoft and the Gov't when silence is simply not tolerated by the public

Get your facts straight



A lot of bug articles here lately.



I can't wait till all CPUs are of the programmable synapse variety (that are being developed as we speak). Then when the machines are doing all the coding, bugs will likely be a thing of the past, or at least a lot less common and a lot more quickly fixed.

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