Microsoft Reveals Huge Xbox Streaming Deal



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"Most of this content will be available as apps for the Xbox Dashboard, but users will have to authenticate via an existing cable subscription"

No thanks. I have streaming because I DO NOT WANT cable or satellite.



Maybe I'm missing something, but if:

  1. you need to already have a cable subscription
  2. it shows only a subset of the channels that you can watch on a TV
  3. your 360 is hooked up to the same TV that probably has the cable box (family room, den, etc.)

What's the point of using this, over directly through the cable box? 



Only one selling point I'm interesting in. I want to be able to RECORD television using my Xbox 360. I was watching TV and doing that through the Windows Media Center Connect...and then it stopped working (black screen of death). Now all I want is an easy way to watch and record TV digitally from my couch without paying for TiVo ect...



That sucks for people who have Dish or DirectTv.


Holly Golightly

This would definitely sway me to get an Xbox360 if I were in the market to buy a console. However, what a rip off that you still need cable service just to watch TV on your Xbox. Oh well... My only wish is that they bring this feature on over to Windows 8. I do not like consoles, and I do not think I will buy another console.

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