Microsoft Revamps, Randomized European Browser Ballot



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OK, what's the name of your publication?  "MaximumPC?"  As a long-time reader and admirer, I can't help thinking your characterization of smaller browser developers as "whiners" because they want something like an equal crack at the European market is so unlike the MaximumPC I know.

Do you really believe that Microsoft Internet Explorer is the maximum browser?  Is the unprecedented market share, influence, and wealth at the disposal of Microsoft that forces other companies to scratch and claw to get any foothold at all in a market dominated by I.E.--is that what makes those smaller companies "whiners?"  Does MaximumPC really think the whiners should wipe their eye, blow their noses and go back into their own tiny rooms to play quietly?

 At this point, to be as intellectually honest as I'm urging you to be, I have to admit that there are a lot of things I like about Microsoft, including Bing and Microsoft's often maligned operating system. And I have to confess I'm the U.S. representative of the browser Maxthon, whose name and attitude share MaximumPC's attitude that only the best, the maximum computer products are good enough.

Maxthon has also been "whining" that it wants an equal shot at the European browser users. Maxthon originated in China, where it's No. 2. We've only recently been able to start getting recognition in the rest of the world, but we're already a mere one twentieth of one percent behind lead whiner Opera. Still, our climb is not easy and being called a whiner is just a pisser.

Oh, by the way, I assume your choice of a photography of an Asian crying child to illustrate whining was unintentional. Right?

Ron White * Maxthon International * Seize the Web!



Lol @ the picture and tone of this article.  Honestly, I'm with you - a lot of whining going on.  My thoughts are that if you need a browser ballot to have a different browser (rather than, you know, going out and downloading it), then you deserve to be stuck with IE anyway.



It isn't entirely correct that Win7 shipped without any browser in Europe.
I have bought my Win7 Ultimate at and it did ship with IE as the default browser.
Furthermore I have bought two OEM Win7, they have also had the browser installed.
What is referred to here is the E-version that was never released, it was concluded that it wasn't a good solution.
Microsoft will just release the browser ballot later as a windows update.
In any case the E-version would have shipped with IE on an included cd- or dvd-rom.



"The real victims, naturally, are the users. EU adopters of Windows 7 were forced to manually download a browser because the ballot selector screen wasn’t ready. Imagine the horror."


How did the users manually download a browser if they didn't already have a browser and the ballot selector screen wasn't ready? 



Download it on another computer, then Flash Drive/CD-R/SMB it over to the machine.

If the EU didn't want a browser to come with Windows, that's precisely what they should have got, and nothing more.

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