Microsoft Retail Experience Demoed, Not as Snazzy as the Apple Store



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Captain Skippy

It looks better than apple stores. I feel weird in those stores. No color...



This is just another attempt by Microsoft to fight back at Apple. While I admit that competition between rivals is "healthy business", the "anything you can do, I can do better" mantra referenced earlier seems to be nothing more than another thread of desperation from the dwindling confidence within Microsoft. When Gates leaves for good, Ballmer's aggressive nature and notorious short temper will drive this company to the ground. I hope that, for all of our sake, Ballmer finds a new Yin to his Yang.



At least Gates left on his own accord, and not on a stretcher... (and yes, I'm just speaking metaphorically, in case any Apple fans want to scream and yell about that).


I Jedi

It's inevitable that Microsoft would eventually start to loose its dominance amongst the OS/applications. However, it really is a shame at best, I think. I say this because when Microsoft was the big dog, and still are, all programmers, etc, focused on MS OS's more, so less diversity amongst applications, etc. Now with over 20 popular Linux distros, Apple, and MS, all fighting for dominance, coders are going to have a tough time making their applications widely available on a lot of these OSs. 

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