Microsoft Responds to Chrome Malware Confusion, Apologizes



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I'm just glad this happened to my customer's machines while they were still sitting on my work bench, rather than sending them back out with MSE/Chrome and having this happen to them.  That would've really gone over well...


s1r 70nk

First, Why would anyone be using antivirus software made by MS. People that write viruses program their virus to work with MS, deeply. Using an antivirus software that is close to the same syntax or is the same syntax is a bad idea. Good example is MAC computer. For a while, they were known to be virus free. One they were not a logical choice for a virus attacks and the langue used on a MAC was not printed in programming books so highly. Now, that the iphone/ipod touch has been release and an app market created, the source code was release for programers to use to make through own apps. With the code now release to the public and in such a high print volume, virus are now being made for the MAC based systems. Back to the main point of this, Don't use antivirus software made by the same company as your OS. Do your homework and pick a good antivirus program. I believe maximum pc released a very insightful article some time last year all about antivirus.

Second, I wouldn't put it past MS to incode their own antivirus software to I.D. chrome as part of a Trojan and remove it. User can't use software that can't be installed. If it can't be installed the usage of that software will go down. Usage goes down, people stop buying it or spend their money else where. The bottum line of all this, is money. 



What the fuck are you smoking?

MSE is awesome.

Viruses are not written to work with the OS. They are written to get the info they want and either get out or break the OS.

Programs using the same syntax having the same vulnerabilities would absolutely destroy every single thing about computing today. Why? Write and inseucre program in c++, find the vulerability, apply that technique to the THOUSANDS of programs written with the same lagnuage (And since it's the same language it's the same syntax) as the one you've just written.

There's no such thing as a Mac based system. (And it is Mac not MAC, as you seem to believe.)

In MaxPC's article on AVs MSE came highly reccomended, you dunce.

People don't buy Chrome or spend money one browsers.

Google doesn't make money off of Chrome, and Microsoft doesn't make money off of IE.



Didn't have a problem to begin with, thankfully. :) 



then again, when you're Etna, you don't ever HAVE any problems, you ARE the problem.

Avatar references and jokes aside, I didn't have any issues either... Then again, I don't have security essentials installed either, been using AVG Free.

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