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...of course they replied with a standarized  (I think) email that said they welcome all suggestions and would pass it on to the concerned dept. who will take these suggestions into consideration when planning future releases.  Said dept. may have well been the nearest electronic trash can...but who knows.  :)  I've posted this on various other forums and recieved mix responses, and some very good ideas for improvements on this as yet fictional OS.

Like:  The Black Box portion of the OS would have to be on a seperate storage device and be read only.  Which makes even more sense than my original idea, and apparently is somewhat how todays blade servers are setup.

...another suggestion was employing a microkernel or even and emulated kernel in the virtual OS. My days of coding ended back in the Fortran days and I realize that I'm far out of touch with todays programming practices.  But even to me it seems pretty simple that putting a copy of the OS (during install) in an inviolable location and running ALL processes in a built in Virtual OS is a good idea and not that hard to implement.  For those bittorrent, prOn days...simply use the Virtual OS you saved the day before to erase any nastiness that you may have picked up.  In the event of major infection...the Black Box copy oif the OS will come to the rescue much faster than a reformat and reinstall.  As for large Service Packs they could be DL'd and burned to a CD/DVD, or sold on CD/DVD in store or online and be specially coded to allow them access to the Black Box OS (aka be able to turn off the read only) and then when finished updating the Black Box would then re-enable its read only status.  Also it would have to entirely disconnect the system from the internet during this proceedure.

All in all I think this would be a much more secure and easy to use system.  It would also, via the Preferences Wizards be easily understandable by the young and elderly.  The Preferences would (as mentioned) have parental controls and be able to be password protected.

We already employ all these practices today.....just in too many different ways, none of which are truly secure. I"m getting tired of OS's overloaded with crap that must be disabled, I'm tired or worrying about backups etc.   The OS should do all this for me.  It should come with everything shut off and allow ME to choose what I want installed.  Tweaking an OS of today is like building a house by carving it out of a block of wood.   But I'm sure you get the idea  :)


Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



Paw Bear


Please, please apply for work at Microsoft, perhaps CEO?


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this is a reply quote from another forum.....

"What you may want to do if you like this idea of isolating the
operating system is to consider a move to a full microkernel rather
than this half and half approach that Microsoft currently employs.
Running more services, drivers, applications, etc. outside of
kernelspace will make for a smaller footprint and isolate problems
should they arise..."





Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



I think that this is a very good ideal and it could help all the world.  Sign me up were to get them when they come out.  I love books but they can take up a lot of space, this way people can have the best of both worlds.  I like to hear more about it later down the road.



Re:     The next OS after Windows 7 goes the way of the Vista Dodo-bird.

Facts: Average World Income -- $7000
          Average World IQ -- 90-100

Problem: Microsoft is too smart for their own good, despite previous fiscal returns.

Soultion: Windows Midnight -- your next OS

The How-To: 

1.  The MS Midnight OS will cost $100
2.  The OS itself will be a black box (read only) and not visible to the user, the internet,the network or Microsoft Updates.
3.  The user, the internet, the network and MS Updates will only see a Virtual OS.
4.  Upon install, MS Midnight will install its' black box copy of the OS and then a Virtual copy of the OS.
5.  The Black box OS will be inviolable. (read only).
6.  The Virtual OS will be just that; a Virtual OS that is the only portion visible to the user, internet, network or MS Updates.
7.  The Virtual OS will, initially copy the Black Box portion of the OS...aka...driver cache, .dll, .ocx, .exe etc files
8.  The Virtual OS will have only three Icons on the screen/desktop.  Preferences, Save Today and Delete Today.
9.  The Preferences button will replace the Control panel, Tweak UI, the services snap in, My computer....etc.
10. The Preferences button will open a window that has nothing but checkboxes and sentences that the average IQ can comprehend.
11. The Preferences button will have selections suchs as:
      [] Adjust Desktop Appearence
      [] Adjust Screensaver
      [] Adjust Services
      [] Add or Remove Users
      [] Adjust Power Settings
      [] Connect to the Internet
      [] Connect this computer to one or more Computers
      [] Setup Windows Explorer
      [] Setup my Firewall
      [] Add or Remove Programs
      [] Open Registry Editor
      [] Adjust my Pagefile
      [] Open Group Policy Editor
      [] Open System Tools (provide defragmentor, partitoning tool, and true system information...for those over the phone help Mom calls)
      [] Setup my Taskbar
      [] Monitor my hardware
      [] Open Device Manager
      [] Setup File Sharing
      [] Setup Parental Controls
      [] Setup my Desktop Widgets
      [] Save todays changes as a Profile <----- VERY IMPORTANT!
      [] Connect to my XBox
      [] Choose and setup my Browser
      [] Restore my Computer to Original Install (this of course will require wiping the Virtual OS and w/e infections or stupidity it more MERGE)
      [] Get applications from Microsoft

         ......well, you get the idea.  ALL settings for all things possible to adjust, from the casual user to the wants and desires of the enthusiast. Currently,  settings are placed in far too many locations, thus frustrating both the casual and the experienced user.  There is no logical reason for this.  Granted Preferences Window will be a huge list, but ALL people are quite familiar with large lists.  Having them all in ONE location, will win their hearts.

       a.  A check mark placed in any selection will open a Wizard.  The Wizard will explain each option so that an average IQ user can comprehend.
       b.  Dangerous settings will be denoted by RED.
       c.  Non dangerous settings denoted by GREEN.
12.  The Save Today and the Delete Today buttons should be obvious even to high IQ MS employees.  One saves the days changes, the other removes them.

    The reasons you will make this OS, Windows Midnight, are many and few.  First the name Midnight denotes a sea-change OS.  Second, the reason for the invisible to the user etc., Black Box, should also be obvious. No more irreversible infections, no need to defragment the Black Box.  MS already offers
this solution, but in two or three parts.  This is silly.
    What the world wants from MS is an affordable, easy to use OS that does NOT require searching MS's website for unintelligible answers to simple problems they face daily.  All options under the Preferences Button should be OFF by default as should the internet connection.  MS consistently makes assumptions of what users will want or desire and are wrong in those assumtions at least 75-90% of the time.  MS is great, they are NOT omnicient.

    Now I'm sure I can hear the marketing dept. fainting in the background.  Not to worry I've considered them also.  The Black Box portion of the OS will occasionly need to be updated to add newer driver files etc., for the person who bought the OS 2 years after you released it.  Simply sell at all major online and retail locations; Service pack CD's for $5 that can access the Black Box portion of the OS.  With the price of an average computer in the $500-$1500 range, a $350-$400 OS is a surefire way to encourage Linux Devs to create a graphical rather than command line interface and put MS in the breadline. 
    The reason Vista and soon....Windows 7 are not going to win over the masses, is that they require much too long a learning curve and cost too much.
They are really still just Windows XP with fancy clothes.  I signed up and beta tested Windows 7 and even I can see XP underneath.  The demand is there, all MS needs to do is fill it.  So instead of selling 20 million copies of Vista at $400, you sell 200 million copies of Windows Midnight.....even a marketing dept. guru should be able to see the sense of that.  Word spreads on the internet too fast for even Steve Balmers antics to overcome.  In todays world you can't BS even MOST of the people all of the time  lol.

    Windows Midnight has to shut down in under 10 seconds and cold boot in under 40 seconds, even on an AMD 3400!  It must also configure local networks without the user having to know what their gateway is, what the IP of the other computers are etc.  The days of needing to reformat a HD are long gone,  and the only reason it is still necessary at times is because MS still has no Black Box copy of the original install.

    As I am NOT an IT professional, nor do I run a home Server, I leave it to MS to extrapolate these suggestions to those OS's.  Suffice it to say that if you don't wake up and smell the "demand" soon.....well I'm sure 3DFX will let you live with them.  Oh......for god's sake write a Microsoft JAVA that works on all websites with all browsers.  Sun Java is half malware as it is.  Lastly, steal Linuxs' idea of Apt Get.   Don't include all that Office, Excel, etc crap in your OS...for those that want it....they can simply download them from MS. 
    In short, create a complete but small fast OS, put ALL the users choices in ONE place, add a decent ZIP application and Photo application and then STOP!  Leave the rest up to the consumer.  These days I feel it's safe to say that there are more computers being used in the home than in the business world.  It's high time MS took that into consideration.

All of this is already do-able...Dell sorta does it with their recovery partition, MS sort of does it with Virtual PC.  The only thing left to do is combine them and totally isolate the Black Box version of the install...the Virtual version will show to the user as drive C: or w/ simple it scary......and ONLY the Virtual OS will interact with the hardware....aka....the Black box will be.....un-hack-able.




Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



And when you're done microsoft, you can make him some pie! 
if you manage to get Ghot's foot out of your butt.

"Respect my authority!!!"

seriously ghot, did you forward this info to microsoft?  they might want the feedback on their site, they may even (hopfully) take it into consideration.




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