Microsoft Reportedly Slashes Surface RT Orders in Half



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They put out trash and expect great sales? The only reason M$ is where it is, it that it was first to the party with a consumer OS. Windows 8 interface looks like something a first grader could draw, yet the media fawns over it. Win 8 is the second coming of Vista... fail!



I don't think this new move is any bother for MS. I don't even think they expected to sell that many Surface RT's. When they release their Pro version they'll sell a bunch...but they won't sell a lot, either.

But what they WILL have done is alter the hardware environment for tablets and laptops. You will see less and less non-touch devices being built and eventually, you will see touch screen monitors for desktops that people will want to use being built. You will also see voice and motion control integrated into all levels of devices.

MS has seen the direction of computing and has jumped in the driver's seat of the wagon. They will be carrying everyone...including you...along.



bloody OS 8

die die die win 8

Metro sucks

win 8 is nothing but Vista Rebirth



Nothing new here! Another Zune! The Surface Pro is next.

In fact anything with the words "Windows 8" in it will be a fail.



Whatever the wondrous final technical stats and amazing price MS has related to this piece of hardware.. realize that the MS manufactured (subcontracted) hardware reliability record is abysmal. A factual statistic: Let alone the failure rate of the original Xbox Console, the X360 console has a 54.2% fail rate.

Good luck you poor sorry fools for buying first gen hardware from MS!



As i have been saying, despite all the windows lovers say, joe user is not liking the metro interface. MS refused to learn from the Vista debacle and did the exact same thing with windows 8.



while I agree with your statement overall about windows 8 pro for PC. I disagree about the surface. The few people I've talked to love it. It's great for touch screens much better then 7.

And what debacle about Vista? It was a great OS just terrible driver support at the beginning. But once the service packs were out it was a great OS. So slapping a touch screen interface on top of 8 has nothing to do with Vista



Strhopper, I totally agree with you. I actually love my Surface RT, I use it for PPT presentations, for meetings, for web surfing, for playing music. It has a big jump on the iPad in performance and it has a USB port unlike the toy like iPad. I do not like the lack of POP 3 e mail support however, I think that will keep sales down. There are just some things that web mail like e mail should not be used for.
As for Win 8, I have it loaded on my Notebook but not my high powered workstations or gaming rig. I love WIn 8 from a performance standpoint but as for the interface, I am putting up with it. It is great for a tablet but if you are not running touch, and with three large monitors in surround 30 inches away, I will never run touch on my main rig, (I also do not like touch for serious work, holding up my arm for more than ten minutes is a pain in the butt) it is a downer for sure. I have gotten used to it on my Notebook but at this point I will stay with Win 7 for my main rigs.
As for Vista, I liked it also, once HP and Creative and others got their driver act together.



And, yet again it is shown that not listening to your customers is stupid and bad for business.



My thought right from the beginning.



If I could like your comment, I most certainly would! I think it's highly arrogant to assume people would love or "get" Windows 8 and RT quickly. That includes "want".

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