Microsoft Reportedly Prepping a Smaller, Cheaper Surface Tablet



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Again, why do they always move from 'big and premium' to 'small and basic'? Companies are not attacking the market of those who want a 10" tablet without all the bells and whistles that the $500 10" tablets have. Finally I got myself a cheaper Toshiba 10" Excite in December, $330. Just what I needed, no 300 megapixel camera, no 1939293x29939223 "Cornea" display, etc. Perfect for browsing, watching movies, reading books, casual gaming, and almost $200 less than the typical 10" tablet.



It's nice to see the larger size tablets starting to come down in price, too. I recently played with the Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10, which streets for around $280. It's not a premium tablet (a stretched out Nexus 7 with some additional features, basically), but a nice option for the money.



This has come up time and time again but... if it runs full fat Windows 8, maybe. Windows RT? I don't think so... the whole point of having Windows is the big suite of applications you can run on it.

Microsoft should bank on the low powered x86 processors for the tablet market.



Atom = Real Win8



No. Thats all I should need to say about this.

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