Microsoft Removes Zune HD From Site, Returns It For Some Reason



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Who cares about the zune. all i ever wanted was a music player to play, oh i dont know, music? so many devices want to be everything, ie ipod touch, nook/kindle tablet, etc. i picked an ipod, just because it was the only game in town sporting 160 gb of room. 32,64, please. take the small form zune, and ipods, and chuck them. the 160 is still cheaper than a 64 touch, becase all it does is play music, i know, can also do videos, but mine stays in my car, hooked up to head deck, have played maybe 3 cds in the 4 years ive had my 160. zune player interface was nice, but i didtched itunes for media monkey, so cant even say that for the zune. bye zune, to the dustbin of history for you.



My original gen Zune is still ticking after all these years and wouldn't consider any other player. Will buy a HD before they disappear. Microsoft just doesn't get marketing....



Love my 16 gb zune hd 



We have three HD's in our family and they have endured years of torture and still work fantastic.

Great hardware - great software - terrible marketing.

Every time I walked into the yellow tag store and talk to the blue shirts, it is obvious that apple lines their pockets to push their products. It just blows me away how so many people think that apple Corp. is such and outstanding corporate player, when I have seen first hand how they bought their ways into schools many years ago.

I have yet to see an apple mp3 product that beats the ZuneHD. Microsoft just isn't willing to pay for the business under the table like apple is.

If I find a blowout sale I might pick a few up.


Holly Golightly

Oh gosh, I seriously do not hope they kill off the Zune. I have been using the Zune HD since I first started college. I do not want to use any other media player. Cowan devices run like a dream, but are not pretty in design. No way I am buying anything that starts with a lower case letter. I used to have an Archos 604 WiFi and that thing was buggy as it was slow. I have no idea what my next PMP would be... Maybe it would just be a tablet, who knows. Sigh...



Just bought a refurb 32, since I finally grew out of my 16. 
Best media player I have ever used, by far. Not to mention the software. 



" but many have wondered allowed " ?? - Looks like a good day for mistakes. :)

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