Microsoft Removes Hardware Virtualization Requirement for XP Mode



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About the only thing I ever used XP Mode for was testing Rosenkreuz Stilette.







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I loved Windows XP, and ran it for years. Once Windows 7 came along I abandoned the XP ship because all my hardware and software worked perfectly in Windows 7 (even my 5 year old HP printer that does not even have Vista drivers!).  I would run it for fun, but honestly I don't know what I would do with XP any more.



Then again, if you were interested in XP Mode (and not just because you forgot what Compatibility Mode was) you probably knew enough about hardware to figure out whether your CPU has hardware virtualization or not.

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I pre-ordered this before it was known that it wouldn't do anything for games. But I'm still holding out hope that it'll come in handy for something eventually.



 I use it at work for a number of apps that just won't run in Win7. Works great, and very seemless too! 


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Maybe you are doing it wrong.




No, no. I'm doing everything correctly. The app that I have to use though XP Mode is a speciality app that will not run in Windows 7. And all methods of making it nativly run in Win7 failed. In addition to that, due to the age of the app (and the fact that the developer has changed companies) Windows 7 support for that app isn't happening. It's not a big deal though, as my workplace is slowly moving away from the hardware that requires the app, and there are only 3 of us in the company that require said app.

So nope.. I'm doing everything correctly....



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It bears repeating you can only run XP Mode on Win 7 Professional or Ultimate. Home Premium users are SOL.

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