Microsoft Releases 'Windows 8 Touch Guidance' for Developers



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Cloud will not be mandatory from what i hear unless you sign in with your live account or need the app store. I feel that Windows 8 will be great for average user for us "nerds" it'll definity take some getting used to and getting ride of that nasty metro ui. Imagine building a built in touchscreen to your desk that would be kinda cool for metro. Nonetheless is still a windows OS that should work with everything we have now. Getting used to new things just plain sucks. Still looking foward to the final release ill surely be buying my first tablet based on WOA as tablets have never gotten my attention until now with WOA



Two things are driving Win8 in my view; proliferation of cloud services and the overwhelming success of Tablets/Smart Phones.

Microsoft has never been a great innovator so making the point that Apple is leading the way and driving change is moot.

Windows just needs to find a way to be hip while getting things done. Apple can just hang out and look cool.


I Jedi

I don't know. I have the feeling that Windows 8 isn't going to do great this year. I cannot say exactly why I feel this way, but I feel like it's going to receive poor adoption.



If an inbuilt "Windows App Store" is a given, then so too is developer support. A four-page pamphlet isn't going to change much one way or another.

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