Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Patch for Internet Explorer



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As is so typical, people who refuse to take the time required to
update their software are the ones vulnerable. And from what I've read
elsewhere, it was only in IE6 that the script would run. But if MS says
IE7 is also vulnerable, then I wouldn't doubt it. 

These things
are so easily prevented it's unreal. Update your software, try to make
updating your OS to Windows 7 a priority and if all else fails, use
Firefox like I do! Well, I do use IE from time to time, but it's IE8
and you can bet your ass every piece of software and every driver on my
system is up to date. 


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I have to agree you for the most part on that one (Especially ditching IE altogether and going with Firefox). But from another perspective how often have we seen MS updates do more harm than good? I can understand why people would be leery to update their software from an MS update.

Of course this still doesn't excuse people from leaving their system unpatched, I normally do driver and firmware updates through my hardware manufacturer's website and for other security threats I rely on Secunia PSI to pick up on. I've had very few problems this way and I would think that if more people put to practice regularly updating their system these kinds of issues wouldn't happen (Or at least they'd be a rarity.)

As a side note I am not taking into account the fact that it takes resources, time, and money for companies to update all their computers, I do realize that they have to take into account a cost to benefit ratio.

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