Microsoft Releases a Brace of Out-of-Band Patches for Internet Explorer



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but the company changed its mind earlier this mind, saying “our goal



God, flash just can't get a break, can it?



I used to use IE. Up until MS started ignoring consumers and did whatever it wanted with it, and then started ignoring security issues, like the zero-day bug they STILL haven't fixed. If this were Firefox, the bug would have been fixed within hours of it being announced. MS has done a shit poor job of updating IE, and I have since moved from them, to Firefox, and now to Rockmelt. I still, of course, use Firefox once in a while. As for IE? It can go shove itself right back up Ballmer's....well, you get my meaning, lol.


Roll Tide

"In order to use Internet Explorer you may need to first disable Flash."

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