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Well, Microsoft is smart I guess. They weren't like Activision where some smart guy bought to get everyone to get BF3 instead of ModernShitware3. LoLz! xD



I didn't see the point, it was funny when that happened. However, I really doubt CoD's sales are going to affected by this... unfortunately.



im sorry...PlayBox is just too funny


Holly Golightly

I do not think there is anyway that Microsoft and Sony would be willing to combine the PlayStation and the Xbox together. I feel it is probably Sony planning to make a new Windows Phone since Sony has left their own Ericsson phone OS in favor of Google's Android, and maybe, just maybe they are trying out other OSs... After all, Sony is a great MS partner. Although it would be interesting that the PlayBox, or xStation become a reality too. It just feels a little far fetched in my opinion.

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