Microsoft Receives Patent for OS Shutdown



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You all missed the point, Apple and Linux systems are so stable they don't need to shut down, therefore they only secured it for themself since MS Products have to be "SHUT DOWN"...  :)



Is it too late to patent the on button?



Microsoft is patenting a new feature in Windows Vista/7 that detects if programs are hanging up the shut down process and gives the user the option to either force close all apps hanging up the process or wait for the apps to close by themselves.

Microsoft does not "own" OS shut down procedures.

Strike one for MPC. You should've done a better job.



This is why i use Linux because of stupid things like this.


Keith E. Whisman

Don't forget people that MS recently obtained a patent on the Page Up and Page Down keys on our keyboards around this time last year I believe.


Keith E. Whisman

So does this mean that MS can make the Linux Community and Apple pay up or close down shop?


Michael Ellis

Though possible, it is unlikely they could get Apple or Linux shut down since they would then have a monopoly and would be in violation of antitrust laws. They will probably threaten to sue for some insane amount of money and settle out of court with Apple, should they use this patent. I don't see them going after linux since it is harmless to them and has not money to give.



What is this going to accomplish?



Did anyone here actually read the patent? Microsoft is not patenting the idea of OS shut down. They're patenting a method to prevent this:

"As an example, in the Windows XP brand operating system, when a user has an unsaved document in an application such as Microsoft Word and attempts to shut down his computer, Word will display a dialog box prompting the user as to whether he desires to save the document. Assuming that Word is hung or not responding, Windows then occludes the first dialog box with a second dialog box asking the user whether he would like to end the application now (immediately) and lose any unsaved data. If the user chooses to end the application now the application closes and another running application, if one exists, will generate a similar pair of dialogs until all applications have been terminated. If the user chooses not to end the application now, the application continues closing on its own. Once completed, if the user has other running applications, the process repeats itself for each application until all the applications close. Then the system finally shuts down. From the aforementioned description, shutting down the operating system can be frustrating, tedious and most certainly longer than desired. "

This is a feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Ever notice if you shut down and a program hangs, Windows will show a full screen dialog saying "The following programs are not responding" or something? That's what they're patenting. See below:

"After the UI is displayed, the system waits for the user to select the "Cancel" button or "Shut Down Now" button in step 270. If the user selects the "Shut Down Now" button, in step 280 the operating system terminates all remaining running applications including the subject GUI application irrespective of whether any application may block or veto shut down and without saving any data. Although not shown, the UI may include a message that indicates that selection of the "Shut Down Now" command will cause all unsaved data to be lost. Thereafter, the shutdown process continues until completion in step 290. In response to the "Shut Down Now" command, all GUI applications can be instantly terminated and all non GUI (command line) applications can be informed shut down is underway and be terminated if they do not immediately initiate shut down. The "Shut Down Now" button allows the user to automatically force shut down of all applications with a single click or selection avoiding the need to individually shut down each application. This may reduce user frustration and simplify the shut down operation for many users. If the user selects the "Cancel" button in step 270, in step 295 the operating system cancels shut down and returns the UI to the shell, e.g., the Windows desktop in a Windows based operating system. "

Still, it's a pretty lame move on their part.



neither congress nor the patent office nor the tech community read anything anymore, microsoft is a much different company than it has been

nobody nor any human creation is perfect but on balance microsoft has a lot of good products & its employees have done many good things

everybody is far too quick to blame microsoft for anything

personally I'm ashamed of MaxPC for forwarding disinformation like this as news

I don't agree wholeheartedly agree with software patenting nor the necessity or wisedom in this patent but I also see no reason to worry here . . . Microsoft holds many patents it doesn't sue over encroachment of



Dang they beat me to it!



Do the words 'prior art' not mean anything to the patent office???? GUIs were shutting down OSes way before MS decided to do it.



I keep hoping that companies like Microsoft get so many of these insane patents that at some point, someone wakes up and realizes that software patents might not be such a good idea after all.

Oops I just hit the Login button to type this, and the Submit button to submit this, does that mean I owe someone a license fee?



So you can patent common sense. Nice.




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