Microsoft Puts Its Mad Face On, Sues U.K. Vendor for Selling Counterfeit CDs



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Bullwinkle J Moose


Ubuntu is finally getting its $hi+ together with Wireless N support

If you have been pirating Windows because you refuse to pay money for an Internet O.S. like Microsofts Spyware Platform, then give Ubuntu another look

When FREE can do what MS can do, then whats the point of stealing an O.S. ?





Is there something I'm not getting? Any HP/Dell you buy comes with a recovery disc, and Microsoft isn't suing them, so there's probably something more that Comet's been doing.



MS has more money to money to burn than Carter has pills, Comet's don't.



so let me get this straight


I buy a new pc/laptop with windows OEM installed legally. BUT it comes with the industry standard warning of create a back up disc immediately to insure against windows hard drive failure later. This is legal. But if they include the SAME FREAKING DISC only they made it and included it for the inept or lazy among their customes, now its illegal?

If anything I would think(and no this is not legal counsel) but this sounds suspciously like a racket to pray on unsuspecting customers to make them pay more later for media that in (MY OPINION) should be included with the purchase of a complete PC with an OS installed on it. OEM software clearly states it is the installers problem to provide customer support MS will not support it at all. Sounds like they supported it. Can't wait to see another countries legal systems opinion of this particular caveat of doing business with M$.

forgive any spelling errors for some reason beyond my control this website does not allow spell check to auto correct, maybe if I was spamming it with ads for wonderful sites with shoes from china it would work?



This is what it sounds like to me too. *shakes head* Unless there is something that is not being listed, it sounds to me like MS might be in for a fight.



Copyright Infringement, you can make copies of CD's for backup purposes but if you are trying to sell said copies then you're wrong.  

Though it sounds to me more like they might have installed the same OS on every computer and then sold people copies of the Original OEM disks.  I could be taking a shot in the dark, but at the same time alot is left unsaid in this article.

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