Microsoft Pushes Hard To Convert Users to Subscriptions With Office 2013



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And they'll also be the ones suffering from lost profits when more people start pirating it as a result. They've been looking for a lot of ways to shoot themselves in the foot lately. And I have to say, they've been doing a great job at it.



Doubt it. Microsoft doesn't make their money on Office from the consumer market. They make it from the Enterprise/Business market. They always have. Funny thing is, most large businesses offer Office through the Home Use Program for $9.99. That's how I get my copy. And most colleges and universities have similiar deals for 10 bucks or even free in some cases. The 3 license pack of Home and Student was unnecessary from the get go. They started to change that with Office 2010. And in years past it was Student and Teacher edition and before you could purchase it, you were supposed to show your school ID to prove you qualified. But as most retail stores didn't bother checking, Microsoft dropped that requirement and changed the name. In the long run this will gives people more options. I'd much rather pay $100 a year to use Office than to use LibreOffice or OpenOffice for free.

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