Microsoft to Push IE8 as 'High Priority' Automatic Update



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IE 8 hates McAfee Security. Salvation is avaliable at:






An army of pacifists can be defeated by one man with the will to fight.



I hate IE8. I have nothing but problems with it. It keeps crashing, slower than hell, and everytime I turn around, I have to fix my homepage setting. It is nothing but junk.



Your last complaint hinted towards malware being the source of your problems, rather than IE8 itself.

IE8 is a welcome refresh to IE7. As a user of both IE8 and Firefox I can tell you it's pretty stable, slightly better than IE7 and on par with Firefox. It's slightly slower than Firefox, but speedy nonetheless, and it has no problems remembering my homepage. It has some new interesting features, some more useful than others, that will surely be adopted by Firefox in some flavor, as has been done by IE for some of Firefox's prominent features.



I did not have any malware. I ran Super-AntiSpyware, plus my Comodo Internet Security, and I still had problems, plus I even tried Anti-Spyware Terminator, and still did not find malware.




It would seem that Microsoft would do better working with the government! If you do not like the product we produce, then move and quit cryin. 

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