Microsoft Published 75,000 Windows Phone Apps in 2012



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"Looking ahead to 2013, Microsoft believes there's plenty of reasons why developers should take note of Windows Phone."

It should be "there are plenty of reasons..."



like Dawn answered I'm alarmed that a mom able to profit $5469 in one month on the internet. did you read this web site



I have had a Windows Phone for the last year (WP7) and I so far the only app I miss when compared to Android is Pandora. Everything else I do in terms of reading, media, games, social media, etc. is covered. And there are other music streaming services that are similar to Pandora, so no big loss.

So far so good.



As an Android and iOS developer, I have actually been strongly considering making WinPho apps because it's a growing platform. Adoption of WinPho 8 is relatively high, and in my opinion it's high enough to make money out of it.



We have now bought three new Win phones and we love them. The live tiles really are valuable./ As far as Apps go, there are lots of them and besides, 99% of all apps seem useless.



This is like reading a add as MS is beging you to build apps for it os
i am not a windows fan but for gaming i must use it and for $40 till jan 31st you can buy win 8 pro digital download and for $40 i did buy it for 2 pc's 1laptop and my gaming rig and i have to eat some crow because i like it and it runs nice and is a nice change and so far works good i did the iso and on one did full format and clean install and other one did up grade and only had to download and burn one 4.7gig dvd media it used just 3gig
More then $40 not worth the money stick with win 7
But my phone will never be win 8 phone i like my android os phone

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