Microsoft Profits Jump 51 Percent



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Yay Microsoft.  :-)

I enjoy the company and many of their products, including the Zune.  Good stuff.  MS haters are the queerest folk on earth, and I don't mean that via the common slang.



Hmm, aside from Windows I can't think of anything I use that's Microsoft. I guess I have a Windows Live account that I used to play Arkham Asylum. I don't hate on Microsoft as much as some people (simply because I don't care for Apple products, and I'm not really interested in learning a new OS just to see how Linux is).



Here they go again, just giving a blanket number.  DETAILS GUYS, DETAILS!!  They may have done 51% in profits, but the real question is how much staffing did they have now as oppose to 2007?  This is what we look at in the stock market.  Every company say "we made, duhr, profits", but that should not come on the expense of laying off people just to make your "profits" look better.


We look at sales, employee numbers and orders booked with some other TRUE numbers.


I bet if you add in the people they laid off  from 2007 employment numbers, this profit would be 3%.  You can't fool us in the market, never can and never will.  That's why they hate us, we call them liars and make money off their lies.

Watch their stocks, they are not even close to where they were in the hay-days of stocks.  Sell off coming soon.......oh, "but we made a 51%profit".............whatever.



Ms Ballmer? lol.. assuming (microsoft) Ballmer? We wouldn't refer to him as a little girl would we? :P

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