Microsoft Pleased with Windows' Phenomenal Showing on Netbooks



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I have an Acer Aspire-One netbook and it runs on Windows 7 with NO PROBLEM whatsoever!  No matter what one may think about how Windows 7 is, it is ONE HELL of a lot better than Vista.  That said, I challenge any true computer buffs to try it out on a netbook.



Good to see MS patting itself on the back for setting back computing 5 yrs with netbooks. They were caught flat footes with no lightweight version of Vista, which is another knock against that OS. They are cutting off their nose to spite their face by allowing XP to live on in lieu of losing market share in this segment. I'm hoping that Win 7 will not fail in this segment because OS uniformity will help the overall computing experience. Switching XP to Vista and back going to different PCs in your life (home, work, mobile) is annoying.



Most of the linux users I know that bought the ms version to get the better hardware for the same price and then wiped out mswindows in favor of linux with xwindows. I just bought a used portable and the first thing we did was to wipe out mswindows home edition in favor of linux. We have thirty to forty computers being used as servers or workstations between business and home. Not a one runs a Redmond based OS. The best thing we ever did was to wipe out Microsoft. No more Microsoft Taxes for second class software.



MS Fud is exactly right.  MS did not up their useage market share they just employed their usual mafia style marketing leverage to get the major box manufacturers to ship more MS equiped netbooks.  From what I see, and support, there is still at least %30 of the market reloading those machines with Linux after purchase.  I no longer believe there is any ease of use delta between linux and MS especially with products like Ubuntu netbook remix and Linux definitly has the edge on stability, performance, and security.



Kinda sad seeing Linux miss the train here. I guess it comes down to the same problem it has always had: familiarity and compability. I know Open Office is great, but people don´t wanna learn a new program if they can get the same old Word they have always used.

I guess that if there was an Office for Linux (ha!) the story would be other.




Linux didn't miss anything.  I've a Dell Mini 9 preloaded with Linux and am happy with it.  Sometimes, you gotta think outside the box.  WTF do I want  Open Office running exactly like MS Office?  Sometimes, when you do things for years, you later on find out that all those years, you did the WRONG thing.

Sorry, I don't agree.  Nothing is wrong with Linux.

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