Microsoft Plans to Kill the Aero UI Prior To Final Windows 8 Release



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I recently turned Aero off on my aging laptop because it slows down explorer too much. I'd be surprised if there isn't an option to turn it on in Windows 8, unless M$ft is really cutting down on customization options. It looks pretty but ain't worth the performance hit, in my opinion. The screengrabs above actually look pretty slick, but I still don't see myself buying an "upgrade" to Win 8 in the same way I didn't see myself buying an "upgrade" from XP to Vista. If my next machine comes with it preloaded, so be it; I'm sure it won't be that bad.



Everyone can stick with Windows 7 if they want to. However, it looks like Windows want more companies and businesses to use Windows 8 rather than the outdated Windows XP. Perhaps Windows 8 will be able to run faster than Windows 7 due to its simplicity on slower systems, including many useless features stripped away? Who knows...



It's all about battery life, specifically on tablets and other devices, which is the main target of Windows 8. Fancy graphical flourishes eat battery life.

I would say it's actually the opposite, as far as businesses and companies are concerned. There's not really any compelling reason for businesses to run out and install Windows 8, but it'll make a hell of a lot better OS for tablets and laptops and netbooks, especially those with touch screens.

Obviously, if your company is still running XP it would be wise to at least get up to Windows 7 so you have a modern security and group policy model, but going from 7 to 8 won't really get you much on desktop machines.



looks to xpish to me. i hate windows in general thou.



I have not played much with WIn 8 although I love the Metro look on my Win phone. I think that I have just been so satisfied with Win 7 that for the first time since 98SE I feel no need to change yet. I am planning on a new high end build in the Fall so that is when I will really start to mess with Win 8. Until then I withhold judgment.



This is a stupid move by Microsoft. Now Windows 8 will look like Windows set on "Windows Basic" theme, which looks stupid. Aero was one of the things we could hold over Mac users' heads when they started to brag about how elegant their OS was. And I personally liked the transparent effect, not to mention the other animations. Also, any computer can run these effects as Intel and AMD's integrated graphics are beginning to replace even some lower end discrete cards. If only they would give us back our good old, tried and true start menu...



That whole description makes me think Windows 3.1. Seriously.

I LIKE the aesthetic of Windows 7. Why are they trying to fix what isn't broken?



Job security. Can you think of a better way of keeping your job as a programming than to create a whole new element and all new setup of bugs that will no doubt need hundreds of hours of fine tuning?



I think this is a smart move by Microsoft. Aero looked cool but served really no purpose. If they can simplify the desktop UI and keep it visually appealing, while making it even less resource-intensive, it works out best in the long run.

...but... "I CAN'T TURN OFF METRO! I'm switching to _____." ;) (I think it would be prudent if MS does indeed accept some feedback from its user base regarding somewhat disabling Metro for some on the desktop.)



Yeah, I'm in the "some" category. Even on on my four year old laptop I rarely turn off the glass effects. if I wanted basic graphics i'd install XFE linux or windows 98.

congratulations, Microsoft, you just keep giving me reasons not to pull the trigger on Windows 8.



its not XFE Linux its a Linux distro running XFCE DE :)



Most people won't see it anyway, so what's it matter? Smart people are sticking with 7, and the people who don't know better will just get frustrated with the Metro UI and replace windows 8 with either Windows 7 or some other Desktop OS.

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