Microsoft Plans to Inundate New PCs with Ads-ridden Office 2010 Starter Edition



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I just don't understand all the fuss about MS Office 2010. I've just purchased a copy of Corel WordPerfect, and it blasts MS Office out of the water.

WordPerfect is intuitive, works smoothly (except at start-up, but this is a minor niggle), looks nice, and is just groovy. It actually makes using the computer a pleasure, and all of a sudden creative juices start flowing, after having been stiffled for years under the wet blanket that is Microsoft and its endless blocking procedures and permissions, and god knows what else.

On Wordperfect, i can drag an image around a document, and leave it where i want. But on Office, you STILL can't do this. Its just inconceivable that in 2010, on Office 2010, you still cannot do something as basic and intuitive as that. You can even do this on OpenOffice.

But with Microsoft ? Fuggeddabadit.




Sensational info. I
look forward to seeing more.





On the one hand, I don't like the idea that this will be yet another pre-installed program on computers, and like many who have complained, would like to see a "just the OS" package offered through computer makers.  On the other hand, though, the way Microsoft is doing this is one I actually like:  You're getting the full version pre-installed, and all you have to do, should you want it, is buy the license.  I hope they will include either installer discs or a way for their customers who buy the licenses to get the full software easily - I hate having to download illegal copies of something I legitimately own because the stupid company has to put a hobbled-so-it-could-easily-be-downloadable software and not the darn disc!

Ads can be ignored, but I hope they limit the ads to Microsoft-based stuff - I've gotten very irritated with certain Spam Ads as of late, and would much rather avoid anyhing NOT coming from the company.

And for those of you who think I am crazy, consider this:  You have a full version of a piece of software most people use in one form or anotger already installed on your machine.  If you want it, you can get the license or deal with the BS.  If not, you can de-install it - not what you want to do, but at least it's not "Joe Schmoe's Fancy-dandy Piece of Crap Bloatwar" - you do know where it came from, and you'll know someone will put up an easy solution within a matter of time for easily deinstalling it.



"It will be a limited functionality version of Office supported by Ads" And what is "Bloatwar"? If it is Bloatware that is what Office 2010 starter is.



From the article: The new PCs will already have the full version of Office 2010 installed on the hard drive. Customers will simply have to purchase a card from a retailer with the unlock code. The card will apparently be sold through some “major electronic retail outlets”. If they're doing what I think they're doing, you're only going to have one version of the software - the only difference being that you'll be unlocking the software, similar to downloading Adobe 30-day demo software. (The difference would be, instead of limitting it to 30 days, they're crippling the software and making it full of ads - something some shareware does as well.)

And yes, Bloatwar is Bloatware. I typed it on a keyboard that has been needing replacement for a while, and at a time where I should have been heading to bed, so unfortunately the spelling mistake landed through. Oh, the joys of caffeine...

Some of you are way too quick to judge...



"From the article: The new PCs will already have the full version of Office 2010 installed on the hard drive."

So now instead of having a 50 mb works that i used i would have a 500 mb office starter installed that i wont pay to unlock or use. It is pure bloatware just something else to uninstall. I am glad i switched to Open Office.



Sorry, didn't mean to double-dip - computer-error.



PC Decrapifier and la garbage c'est gone!



As for anything mission critical, I'd still only use MS office over anything else, especially open office.

However I could see this 'Office Starter' being complete shit. And ads? I'm starting to wonder how advertising makes money. There is nothing that pisses me off more than ads.



I can see Microsoft is finally getting smart.



Much better option




It was only a matter of time before somebody chimed in with their uneducated, obtuse opinion about how stacks up.  I'm just surprised that you didn't provide any argument as to "Why is better than Office!" or something. 

Sure, you can go ahead and replace Office with OpenOffice *if you don't actually use them*. If you're a kid in school that only needs to type up and print out your essays, read the occasional MS Word or Excel file easily, or just have the "peace of mind" that you can open Office files - then yes, OpenOffice is great. Personally, I liked their early adoption of PDF creation from inside the program and the fact that they maintain it free. 

...But if you're in a professional environment where quality matters, believe me when I say that you can't trust anything but Office to display your files properly and get them distributed to corporate executives without embarrassment. ...Not to mention the sheer multitude of features that OpenOffice is missing from Office. 

There's a *reason* you pay for one of them.  




 i use open office in the office because half the time MS Office just suddenly breaks and needs a reinstall. Ofthen at mission critical times.


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Basically what you just described is Office Home and Student Edition which Microsoft usually charges $150 for. I work in retail and it's BY FAR the most common version of Office that we sell. So what you're basically telling me then is that the majority of people would probably be very happy with what OpenOffice offers at a $150 savings.



Yea a fool and his money is soon parted.



What MS should so is sell  basic, app-less OS and then sell "packages" to those who desire them.  Will it  Should the FTC step in and force it to happen....yes!  Is this a pipe dream.....probably.

MS apps I could live without:

Windows Tour, Any Office app, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Movie Maker, Messenger, and 1/2 a dozen others that I have no clue as to their purpose.  WMP 9 was almost ok....almost.

I'm getting so tired of MS that I'm even getting tired of  complaining about MS.  Linux has the right soon as they start labeling things in english, start supporting major league games and lose that command line'll be sianara MS.

Linux HAS the right idea...basic OS and apt-get.  Just eliminate sudo this and that....add support for gaming (not emulated game support)...and I'd even PAY for Linux  :)


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



Ubuntu does label things in English, and you don't even have to touch the command line if you don't want to.  All that's left is the games, and frankly, it's more a matter of game devs supporting Linux than Linux supporting games.

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