Microsoft is Paying Upwards of $100,000 To Secure Key Windows Phone 8 Apps



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I like my windows Phone...



I personally like that Microsoft is throwing money at developers. I also think that developers should be ashamed for not jumping in and trying to develop for the new Windows Phone platform.

I'd like to challenge all the critics out there... have you actually sat down and looked at the whole solution Microsoft is pushing forward???

Recently I set my father up with a new Windows 8 Phone, the Samsung A-TIV. I also built him a new Windows 8 Pro Desktop and purchased Office 365 1 year subscription. He will also be upgrading his laptop in the near future to either a Surface Pro or ASUS Ultrabook. Seeing the integration of all the various Windows devices is amazing. Everything "just works."

Needless to say there are some Apps which aren't available for the Windows 8 Phone yet, such as: Sonos, Yamaha, etc. If these service/software providers jumped on board I think they would be surprised by the subscribers who would follow and install their apps on the Windows 8 Phone. I personally would switch from my iPhone 5 to a Windows 8 Phone if the Sonos controller worked.

As a consumer I want the products I support, buy and believe in to give me OPTIONS. Obviously in some cases I will bend my rules to get what I want. All App providers should support ALL mobile platforms...



The issue isn't whether they throw money at it. Not only has MS done so in the past (as others have pointed out) but MANY companies have done so. The trick isn't to do it, or even how much to throw, but how LONG... Are they committed to the plan?

If they can keep that MS money cistern in the game then I'm pretty sure they can gain market share and make it a viable competition. If they don't have a long-term goal/commitment and instead want results quickly then this will fail.

The problem here is we've seen both out of MS over the years, and this perceived schizophrenia is the real question. Which Microsoft is driving this time?

Yes, the XBox is the shining example of deep pocketed commitment winning the day, but I'm not so sure they can expect that level of success here. It would be nice to be sure, but even increasing to double-digit share numbers would be a success from this point. Long term (say, a decade) would be to split the difference between them and Apple, but it all takes the will to fight that long.

...otherwise Windows Phone may just join the mothballed fleet of MS products and services that sit rusting in the setting sun...



it's Microsoft way of doing things. Throw money at things. Mixed results I think. It worked for the Xbox (buying game exclusives), didn't work for Bing (they would pay people to use it, I got $250 bucks from them, and now I get free Hulu Plus by using Bing). Now they're paying companies to put apps in their store (instead of the other way around).
Hey if they gave me money I might actually think of using Windows 8. My price is about $100!



Heck yeah I use Bing all the time.

I've used points for Amazon, xbox live & hulu. you don't even have to be specific, just search for 1, then back, then search for 2 etc. Even search letters of the alphabet, takes 5 minutes a day. Free stuff is free stuff.



Using no common sense & throwing Money at a problem shows the lack of common sense on behalf of Microsoft.



So when Google did the same thing in '09/'10 that was a bad idea? Yeah okay.



For myself, it would be a resounding no. I don't like the interface. Even if it works better than anything else on the market, if I can't stand to look at it, I will never use it.



^ This

Windows Phone UI looks as annoying as the Windows 8 UI. It hurts just looking at it. Even Apple has a Better looking UI than the Fugly UI of Windows Phones & Windows 8.


Sir Hobbes3

now sir, that's taking it a tad bit too far....



I'm extremely close to ditching my droid razr maxx and getting the lumia 928 (verizon user here). Only thing keeping me from doing it is a swype style keyboard. If microsoft can somehow get a swype style keyboard I would drop android in a heartbeat.



Seriously? I can't think why unless the Maxx is just that bad. I had an EVO 3D before (just for the strong processor at the time). It was OK. I have a new Galaxy S4 now and it's just smooth, responsive, fast, accurate... I can't find a flaw. Plus swipe is standard. The Apple units I have never liked. Other then being a few generations behind the 'droid units in tech specs, I never liked their OS. As for the Win units, their UI is even worse. There is a big reason their phones don't sell and even their own employees don't use em.

If that's what you want, knock yourself out but. Be sure before you lock yourself into two years of unpleasantness.



kind of a big assumption to say he'd have 2 years of unpleasantness no? ive been using wp since launch and its been nothing but pleasure for me and many others. don't knock it just cause you don't like it...

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