Microsoft Outfitting Employees With All New Windows 8 Phones, Tablets, and PC’s



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If you can,t sell them give them away to more needy people than MS employees



This is ultimately a good thing, but it'll only work if the devices are mandated for work at Microsoft. If they aren't, prepare to see many Windows 8 PCs, tablets, and phones on Ebay in a short while, all from anonymous sellers near Redomond...



I share the views of Gary1847 - I too have been in the industry for many years (15+ years) and I have purchased every edition of Windows since 3.1.

I was one of the original beta testers for Windows 7 and have been a HUGE fan of the OS.

So I was really looking forward to Windows 8 and what it would be capable of - I downloaded and installed RC1 to my MacBook Pro to test its compatibility with my companies EMR software (worked flawlessly) and it worked good with MS SQL 2008. But after having to deal with the horrible UI (yes it can be disabled - but all the methods of doing so leave a LOT to be desired and usually a reboot brings back the crayon tiles of death).

But I thought maybe it is just my crappy MacBook Pro that doesn't like it - so I installed on my HTPC - Zotac ZBOXNANO-AD10-U with a 1TB 7200 rpm drive and 4 GB of ram. It made the device totally unusable - video stuttered, shuttered and hiccuped so badly (no it wasn't a codec issue or a player issue).

When I wiped the device and installed Windows 7 - problems gone.

Windows 8 belongs on tablets and touch screen only devices - it does NOT work well on full out PC's.



2fools was the download you're referring to one of the previews? I had similar problems on the Consumer Preview, but the release version I installed through TechNet has fixed the problems. Apart from metro I think the final version is solid.



Is there a suggestion box at Microsoft for constructive ideas?



Of course, they're still forgetting that this isn't a well designed, usable OS, so...



Where to start, Well with all deference to Justin, I have been in the PC business for the past 28 years.
I have used and personally purchased every iteration of Microsoft Windows on the day it was released to the public, except a copy of presentation manager someone gave me back in the stone age of computing. I can say from personal experience that Windows 8's "Toy's R Us" interface, formerly known as "Metro" is by far the worst Microsoft idea since "Millennium" . After installing Windows 8, within 10 minutes "Metro" was history. It is like putting lipstick on a pig, at the end of the day it is still a pig. Microsoft should have allowed users to remove "Metro" and use something more user friendly.
My clients, who still call me for advice even though I have retired, have trouble with the simplest tasks when using windows and the confusion over the "Metro" interface will increase the call volume significantly. There are some caveats I have noticed, when installing windows 8 I recommend the custom install so as to be able to turn off most of the annoying things about Windows 8 like "Smart Screen Filter" which is too much "Big Brother Looking Over Your Shoulder" Also, Windows 8 is mostly windows 7 but arranged in a more confusing manner so as to limit user control of the operating system. This is just arrogance on the part of some programmers who think the way they have set up the program should not be tampered with. Well Microsoft, I give Windows 8 a rating of 6. Proof that every other MS operating system is a dud. Like Tic it is good, Tock it is bad.



I guess they need somebody to use windows 8. I can see productivity at MS taking a nosedive.



All cynicism aside. Thumbs up to MS on this one.



I wouldn't want the PC but the phone and tablet would be great to have.



Microsoft does treat it's people very well.



W8 desktop deployment is easy within MS. Probably just a few clicks. RT tabs and phones are probably going to be pretty expensive.

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