Microsoft Opens a U.S. Marketplace and Offers the Ability to Download its Software



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 You can bet it won't work perfectly at the start, and require a service pack udate. Then no one will use it because it's too DRM'd, clunky and confusing, with essential features (like ratings) missing.

Then a year from now they will take it off line saying it wasn't worth it because no one was buying anything, tell the consumer it's their loss and the idea is dead, say nothing for two months, and re-introduce it  based on some other company's working model, but with slightly less features, implemented in slightly less of a cool manner.

I look forward to using it a year and two months from now!


"There's no time like the future."


Mighty BOB!

I still like having the physical media though.  My OS disc isn't going to go away if they shut down the service and/or my hard drive gets nuked by something.


fake gordon mah ung

Looks like the beginning of Left 4 Dead to me. It's nice to know we will be able to order products online even after the Zombie Apocalypse.



Not that retailers are given a lot of options when it comes to pricing products from Micro$oft, but one wonders if the OEM licenses, back to school deals, etc will be as prevalent with this direct from redmond...



Why does that promotional pic remind me of Fallout???

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