Microsoft Opening New Store in California



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i live in costa mesa, right next to south coast, its a huge mall for wankers and house mums. its already got everything you dont need in it, gucci store, dolce/gabana, etc etc.. now its going to have a windows store, thats just for pure bloody profit.



msft needs something like the msft store. to many regular people go blindly into stores like bet buy, staples, etc looking for windows stuff, to fix their computer or whatever and well to put it short and sweet...geek squad.

ive been to the san diego store and was impressed to see that pretty much all the employees are like us here, geeks who know what the hell is up in the tech world. yeah the apple model seems to be at play here but i feel like they do go above in beyond in not making the experience so sterile. apple store=white, hospital ish, boring, full of hipsters. sd msft store=vibrant, alive, colorful, full of regular non snobby people. i really liked it plus its great that they will sell people computers and take all the gunk out for them and give em classes on how to use them.

example of what i really liked: lady walked in and was having some problem with her laptop and bt mouse, employee fixed it and showed her what was wrong and send her on her way free of charge. talk about good honest customer service. i can imagine this scenario at other places and seeing this, "im sorry maam, your mother board is fried, you need new ram and a reformat, thatl be 1500 dollars and it will be ready next month!"

so yes, more stores please, save the normies from the likes of best buy (no offense to you bb employees who actually now whats up)



You can always tell inept management they only know how to copy someone else. MicroSoft needs new management!



a handful of store in or around the bay area might help, as well. not sure what is keeping them from putting some in the bay area, but i hope to work at one part time eventually.

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