Microsoft to Open 75 New Retail Stores, Shows Little Love for Midwest



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Holly Golightly

Wow, this is great news coming from Microsoft! I hope they put one in the Staten Island Mall because there is an Apple store on the 2nd floor that has been bugging me, and I would love to see a Microsoft store there ready to kick some fruity tail! Can the map be a little more detailed? I would love to see where in New York will they open such stores?



Yeah, I saw that too.  I'm from Wyoming, and I saw that little flag up there (near Devil's tower) and thought, why would they put a store there where almost noone lives...  Good job MS...



Maybe it has something to do with fundamental ignorance of geography. The flag labeled, "Lone Tree, CO" is actually in the middle of Wyoming. I know they're both roughly square shaped, but seriously.



The disparity probably has something to do with the fact that more than 50% of the US population lives on the 17% of US land area that makes up our coasts (about 36% of the US population on the East Coast and about 17% for the West Coast). Not surprisingly, the store clusters coincide with the population densities on these coasts.

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